[selling] Congratulation book of the mob arena [closed]

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  1. I got the congratulation book you got at the end of the mob arena parkour and I want to sell it.
    ask me for the price :)
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  2. 1. Is it the new parkour?
    2. Can we see a picture, please?
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  3. In reference to your signature, it is an accepted practice that if someone accidentally buys something, you refund them. Considering how calm and respectful he was to you, it seems pretty low to publicly shame him like this.

    Back to the thread's real topic. Good luck selling it, most of the parkour books in the past have sold pretty poorly, usually netting only 100r.
  4. yes it's the new one
    and I will send you the picture in 10 min
  5. Agreed. Really no need to show this.
  6. it's only a signature
  7. I'll offer 100r for it
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  8. I'll offer 100r for it
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  9. You don't understand how rude it is. He calmly asked you for a refund for an accidental purchase (that out of common courtesy, you should have gave) but instead you had the nerve to put it in a public place. Quite rude.
  10. I repaid after
  11. so stop to ask im rude
  12. I don't accept 100r it is only like 2 on circulation right now
  13. what does it look like?
  14. I'm sure there's more than 2 XD
  15. check up
  16. What price are you looking at?
  17. ok probably a few
  18. 1 million rupees?

    I think I will pass on this one.
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