Selling Castles or the wild?

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  1. I am quite the castle builder myself, i was wondering one day if i could sell or even auction one of my castles in wild off? I am not sure if this is even possible so could someone comment and say what you think you can't and can do... Ill put up some pics of my new castle i am building later.
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  3. Auctions wouldn't be allowed, but I'll say you could outright sell a location.

    Like Pab said above, you'd need to follow the guidelines for the spawner thread (the part that is applicable) - mainly:

    The catch is that you will receive little to no support from staff in regards to disputes on this. In fact, we downright think that it is a bad idea and suggest players don't participate. There is a very good chance that you will be wasting your rupees as there are to many chances for things to go wrong. Your location may be found/griefed, the player whom you paid might not give you the exact idea of what you thought you wanted, etc. Also note, that when making a purchase of a mob spawner, you are not purchasing the RIGHTS to the spawner. Spawners are public domain and should someone come and find it, they are as welcome to use it as you are. You are simply purchasing the coordinates to the location of that spawner.

    Any complaints or inquiries to the staff regarding a deal gone wrong in this case will simply be referred to this guide, where we specifically suggest against doing it.

    When making a post regarding selling a spawner, you must include a link to THIS post as a disclaimer for buying/selling mob spawners. This will ensure that everyone sees and knows the risks involved.
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  4. I would refrain from selling these until dragon tombs are released and land can be claimed, or if you do sell them now, explain to people that it might be griefed.
  5. Jacob brings up a good point. Claiming land in the Wild is going to put a wrinkle in this type of transaction, especially if you can't unclaim land once it's been claimed.

    Ignoramoose - Do you know whether we will be able to unclaim land?
  6. Yes, you'll be able to give up land (the permissions to it) you have claimed.
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  7. Do you know if we be refunded part of the Rupees like Locked chests, or possibly all of it when we unclaim?
  8. Definitely not all of it. Not sure on the partial. If I made the decision, I'd say no. Having a decent fee attached to it would keep the claim based on building / the land - and not the resources within.
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  9. Agreed. If there is no penalty for unclaiming the land, we'll have claimed plots moving continually - completely destroying all resources for no real reason. Similar to the reasons our locked chests are so expensive....
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  10. Screenshots would help your efforts :)
  11. Even if you decide not to sell, I'd like to see them as well.

    Make sure if you use a minimap, to hide your coordinates. I usually remove the GUI (F1) for screenshots. Also - there's always
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  12. sorry it took so long but i was quite busy...outside of Mount Collis
  13. Once I get like 100 Dragon eggs.. I'll 100% buy a castle one from you lol.

    May I see more shots please?
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  14. Indeed its about only 30 percent done, but when it is ill be hoping to maybe sell it for a good price
  15. Wait wait.. This is on a SMP?!
  16. yea in the wild
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  17. Soon i might be making designer castles for people, but i have no clue yet
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  18. do you have pricing somewhere? might have missed it as it is very late if not then how much would you charge for a small(ish) keep? are you able to build on all servers(aka do you have materials/vault)? Do we provide the materials you need? what goes into the decision making process of design (like will you draw up plans & supply lists)? Finally, can we dislike how something looks and have you redo it after the design has been begun and agreed upon?