[selling] bulk skelly drops

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  1. Good evening fellow EMC friends, i've come to realize that a friend and i's collection of drops we get from our spawner is overwhelmingly high. lol

    so we are looking to sell as much as we can, items are not scarce. lol please, comment or personal message me with the items you'd like to buy, and how much of, currently these items are at our wild base, so you'd have to give us time to bring your orders in from such a far distance away from town.
    ^.^ but no worries.

    BONES: 23 1/2 stacks
    ARROWS: 46 stacks left
    BOWS: 90 bows left
    POWER 1 BOWS: 12 left

  2. can i have 3 stacks of bones? what is the price?
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  3. yes, i have you written down for 3 stacks ^.^ and how much do YOU see is fair?
  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, is 1r each a good price?
  5. yup! sounds great to me :p
  6. ok i have paid you 200r :D
    We can arrange a time when you can drop them off later
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  7. will do, they will arrive in town shortly.
  8. I would like 9 stacks of bones please :)
  9. I have an access battmeghs chest set up on my second res (smp8), just load 'em in there please :D
  10. 3 stacks of bones please :D
  11. your bones have been delivered :) thank you very much!

    where would you like them to be delivered? and that will be 576 rupees please.

    and where would you like them to be delivered? and that would also be 192 rupees.
  12. only 8 stacks of bones left!

    still 39 stacks of arrows left, 92 bows, and 12 power 1 bows left!
  13. are you two still interested?
  14. Yes I was AFK I will pay shortly, and deliver to smp3 6070
  15. i can't do it on 3, i'm a few thousand blocks away from spawn and it would take me an hour to get back. lol i don't have that time.
  16. How much is a stack of arrows?
  17. 1 rupee per arrow?
  18. Seleton drops are worth this much? I need to be at my friend's grinder more often...
  19. Deal! I'll pay you tomorrow for two stacks on smp1 and also set up a chest.