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  1. hey guys,

    I'm here to re-introduce myself.

    I have done some things on this server a long time ago that I'm extremely ashamed about, and I'm here to apologize to you guys.

    2 years ago roughly, i majorly griefed the LLO and burnt down some buildings. I also stole from people in that community.

    Now I'm not expecting those LLO members to forgive me but i am extremely sorry for those things. anyways yeah.
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  2. How did it got in your head to do this sort of stuff? I dont understand people like you, no offense, because you realised it, but.. too late tho..
  3. I have changed and the staff have realized it. that is why they gave me a second chance.
  4. Thanks for the telling the theory behind the logic, but.. Welcome back, and never do this again! =P
    2 years... A lot of things changed, some good, some bad
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  5. Welcome back! One question: What is the LLO?
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  6. Last Light Outpost, major wild outpost on smp7
  7. not gonna lie. that to me would be a perma ban with no second chance ever, but since you're back be sure to make the most of it :)

    edit: I feel like a lot of people interpreted this wrong lol.
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  8. Don't listen to anyone here, welcome back and we're all glad to see a returning player ;)

    You've made a promise to not go against the rules again, now respect that promise :)
  9. Some amazingly awesome. :D

    Anyways, welcome back! :)
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  10. I am happy to see you back. I remember when I was banned, and it was the single most depressing moment of my life. EMC was the place that shielded me from my awful school life and other real life problems. You and I both made mistakes which we were both ashamed of. The reason why we are still here is because we admit that we did wrong, and grew from that. If you have changed, which I think you have, I cannot wait to see what you accomplish on the server.

    To anyone who is against people getting unbanned, you should not be so quick to judge. Everyone here is human (please do not make a joke or a sarcastic comment on that statement), and we all make mistakes. It happens that some people makes mistakes on a minecraft server instead of their job, or in school, or in their personal life. If you choose to grow from a mistake, evolve, and become a better person because of it, I am glad you made a mistake. I can honestly say that the ban I had formed me into the person I am today in real life and in minecraft. Just because someone makes a mistake doesn't mean they are a bad person, or in some peoples cases still are.

    Welcome back to the empire.
  11. Unfortunately, the way society thinks is that once you do something, you are always going to do it again. Society doesn't believe, as it could be put, that leopards can change their spots. Its an unfortunate thing that society does to everyone that has done wrong and/or made mistakes (Even the ones that fully admitted that what they did was wrong and are truly and honestly remorseful (and shamed) for their past actions), but society doesn't like to think that people are capable of changing. If you look at modern society, every generation has needed to have some shred of society to lord over. I know I shouldn't be so trustful in humanity but I think people are possible and fully capable of changing.

    As for you, wacked, I would like to welcome you back to Empire, and I hope that you understand that people will likely be distrustful of you because of you being banned prior, but not everyone here is so... narrow-minded.. I hope you understand that this second chance is a chance to start over anew and to contribute to the community and hopefully not walk down that same road again, as you will likely not get another chance if you were to do it again.. :oops:

    I am not always on in the server itself, but when I am on, I am usually in either smp6 or Utopia, occasionally smp5. However, should you need help with anything, I can always be reached via PM here on the forums.. :)
  12. thanks guys. and i will be sure not to go against server rules again :p
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  13. Though, you also need to blame the many people who gave us all that feeling towards banned players. The ones who get unbanned by making promises and such, only to turn back around and do the same thing. I have witnessed this way too many times to jump to trusting as soon as someone says they've changed. Not saying I dont eventually trust them, but in my head, they need to prove themselves. Just like when someone you love does something like, say lie about something. They have to slowly earn the trust back, right? Same thing here.
  14. Welcome back, i was also banned some time ago,
    I sometimes use EMC to forget some real life problems

    Please give constructive criticism, not just negative, do you think he will feel welcome after you say that?, i wouldn't. And if you really don't like this type of situation, just:"Don't think aloud" as some teachers say to my friends at school.

    WELCOME BACK! as i always say, EMC is about helping(and guiding other people towards good, but also learning from mistakes)

  15. Forgot to quote this on my post
  16. Which is exactly why we have an edit button
  17. I could press reply in edit mode, i know it exist, but i do not know how to quote someone in edit mode, and im on an Ipad so is difficult for me to use edit, because is a pop-up screan(this time i used edit ;) )
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  18. I remember you... that was like, 4 weeks of investigating you, months of rebuilding and repairing the people's houses you griefed for revenge >.>

    Since that was nearly 2 years ago, and I have no doubt in my mind you've changed since then, i'm willing to forgive you :)
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  19. yes that is what happened and i am ashamed of it.
  20. Guys, particularly Nilex... >.< stop bashing down on him, PLEASE. He is two years more mature. I have full faith in him, lots of people do stupid things when they are young. If he was 10 or 11 two years ago, he hardly had a distinction between rift and wrong, much less how to follow rules. I sure didn't. I am only 14, and about a month after I joined EMC (a bit more than two years ago) I found this thing called [insert hacked client name here]. (I don't remember what it was called... I can't be bothered to rummage through my old conversations with crazy1080 and find out what it was. :/)
    Anyways, I thought "Oh, look at this... I can go get ores easily to sell AND fly around in town... neat..." I installed it, and god knows why, (I was 11... God knows why eleven year olds do anything stupid...) but I started spamming the chat saying I had some hacked client, while hovering over the smp9 town spawn. I then got a screen with dirt tiled in the background that said "Permanently banned by crazy1080 - Hacked client.

    It stayed that way for eight months or so, and I waited and waited and was finally unbanned. Now I don't have NEARLY as good an excuse as Olaf for being banned :p and neither does wackedmind, but the moderators evidently thought we deserved a second chance, and I know I matures greatly over those eight months, and I still continue to get more mature as I go through high school (and college in a few years D: )

    A person can change a hell of a lot in two years, I tell ya.

    So stop beating down on this guy, please.