[S3] The Ground Shakes Nearby

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  1. Hey all! It's Ender with 'Season 3' of my wallpapers! I actually made a complete version of Season 3 last year, but scrapped most of the wallpapers because they were super unoriginal and bland. Taking results from my last survey, I definitely focused on improving visual colors, shadows, and FX for some of the promo items. This season, I'm highlighting some of EMC's unique features (with occasional exceptions).

    How's this season going to work? I'm going to try to post a wallpaper every Friday and Tuesday starting this week until I have built up to 7 or 8 wallpapers. Each week, the main piece will be accompanied by a short title and a list of featured skins. I condensed all my artwork to a single thread this time for respect to other EMC artists. :)

    I've divided the MC skins into two categories. Skins that are prominently in the foreground, featured, and skins blurred in the background, secondary. I chose EMC skins from players who have completed my survey or from a pool of active participants on the forums.

    NOTE: This list may be changed as I finish more wallpapers

    NOTE: This list may be changed as I finish more wallpapers

    Season 3 Wallpaper Links:
    MCIRL - Trees and Frostbite
    Fall Gathering
    The BlizzArd
    Gardening Troubles
    The Necromancer
    Hide and Seek
    The Bug
    A Last Stand
    The Ground Shakes Nearby

    Cinematic Renders

    Future Projects:
    smp8 Broken

    Hope you guys are excited because a lot is coming soon!
    Feel free to comment to give suggestions, share opinions, and request skins :p
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  2. Greed
    Featuring skin of JDHallows

    What happens when the Pot of Gold is manipulated by one person? Wealth will consume them.

    Enjoy! :)
    Next Week:
    MCIRL ~ Trees
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    added Tuqueque, Jaqque_r0x, Hashhog, ShelLuser, 607
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  4. I missed this I can't wait to see what other wallpaper art is coming out :D

    I hope to see a new one of me hehe :p
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    added Luckygreenbird, ElfinCarrot, SkeleTin007
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  6. MCIRL - Trees
    Featuring skins: Silken_Thread, Carbonyx, Ariesis

    What if trees in Minecraft obeyed real life physics? A team of new players learned that the hard way.

    Featuring skin of Steve

    Day 142. This forest has no resources; I'm isolated from everyone. - Steve

    MCIRL is a new 'mini-series' that hopefully will expand during this season. Frostbite was a wallpaper that helped me render winter settings. *HINT* Some more of that coming soon.

    Anyway, here's a preview of what's to come:

    Tuesday: E.S.C.D. featuring ThaKloned
    Friday: Fall Gathering featuring Tuqueque, Jaqque_r0x, luckycordel
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  7. E.S.C.D.
    Featuring skin of ThaKloned
    Overwhelmed by hordes of mobs, digging straight through the Earth was the only option.

    *Please note this is an artistic interpretation of the promo item, not visually accurate to the game.

    Upcoming Releases:
    Friday: Fall Gathering featuring Tuqueque, Jaqque_r0x, luckycordel
    Tuesday: The BlizzArd featuring Hashhog, ShelLuser, 607
  8. These are really good!! How long does it take for you to do one
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  9. Very cool!
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  10. I'd love one of these
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  11. Same
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  12. These are nuts :cool:
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  13. Sometimes it depends on how big the scene is. Huge renders crash my computer multiple times, but other times I can render very fast. But then, after editing, if I don't like the finished product, I usually scrap the wallpaper. So, yeah 2+ hours of modeling and editing can be wasted :/

    Typically, I choose skins that relate to the theme. Sometimes I need human skins, other times I might just choose random ones. For one wallpaper, I needed a player whose skin was a carrot lol :D
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  14. I'm a villager to let you know lol
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  15. And i'm a dude in a suit
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  16. Fall Gathering
    Featuring skins of Tuqueque and Jaqque_r0x
    with luckycordel

    During a normal windy day, farmers harvest crops before winter comes...

    For this one, I wanted to experiment with MC seasons, and the orange/yellow colors came out really well. :D Also added skins (ArkonXT, TheFroon, MrSocks75) to skin list in main post.
    Make sure you are definitely here next Tuesday,
    BlizzArd IS COMING
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  17. Oh my, I'm so happy :3 I've never seen this before and you've got one with me in it :D Thanks so much and these all look so, so beautiful! You've really got a talent, keep doing what your doing! :D
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  18. The BlizzArd
    Featuring skins of Featuring BlizzArd
    with players that are going to die: Hashhog's arm, 607, and ShelLuser
    Players encounter the mob, unprepared for all its power. They thought it was weather not a monster.

    *Please note this is an artistic interpretation of the custom mob, not visually accurate to the game.
    (Although I wish he sprayed snow layers and particles at ya ;))

    This wallpaper, I decided to focus just on one character. Man, the colors really pop out and its so visually balanced. This might be my 2nd best wallpaper this season. RIP to ShelLuser and 607 charging a BlizzArd in just iron armor. That's basically suicide xD Hashhog is probably already dead after a few seconds.

    Anyway, what's to come:
    Friday: Gardening Troubles featuring Luckygreenbird and ElfinCarrot
    Tuesday: The Necromancer featuring --

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  19. Ooo, I really like the Blizz Ard one! :)
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  20. bump omg I got a like from Krysyy (screaming on the inside lel)
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