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  1. I have read the already suggested residence flags, and found neither of these.

    grow and/or spread

    The main purpose of these flags would be to allow players to utilize their plants at a certain points in time to maximize the variety of use of vegetation in player builds.

    Have you ever tried to use vines in a way where they hang from an island, or off the side of your house, but they just keep growing? If you place vines on a wall, you will notice that they not only grow downwards, but they also spread to the sides and keep on spreading. In my experience, this never-ending spreading has made it very difficult to utilize vines.

    This wouldn't be intended only for vines, but for items such as mycelium and mushrooms. This would also apply to grass, though, with the introduction of coarse dirt it is no longer needed.

    Saplings would also be a major factor in this flag as the only way to keep the sapling from growing is to either put it in a clay pot or limit the blocks above the sapling. This would allow gardens to have a more diverse selection of vegetation and give more character to them! #gogreen

    use: pressureplate (sub-flag for the use flag)

    I'm not sure how plausible this would be to implement, but the idea would be to limit players' ability to affect pressure plates through player-interaction. Perhaps it would not to be to limit the players' ability to affect them, but rather to send a signal from them?

    To break this down; when you step on a pressure plate, two things happen:
    1. the pressure plate is compressed
    2. redstone 'signal' is sent to all nearby blocks
    Due to my build's close proximity to town spawn, I consistently have players running and jumping around on my plot, as is the norm on EMC. Said players consistently step on my pressure plates—whether on purpose or accidental— that are located near trapdoors and other blocks that can be affected by them.

    What do you think of this?

    If I worded something odd, or you feel it needs better explanation, please ask. :)
  2. +3
    Would like to see all of them
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  3. I can see a use for all of these, and why not +2
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  4. Bump

    Still haven't received many opinions on whether or not this would be plausible/a wanted addition, nor an official statement from the staff.
  5. Ok, here we go ;)

    I noticed your comment this morning (local time, see my like) but I delayed my response until now because.. yeah, it could be used as a bump and I figured that if I'd respond now you'll have more chances of attracting extra attention (sometimes I can be a little devious like that ;)).

    An easy +1 from me.

    It makes total sense too. We already have a flag which can block liquids (lava & water) from flowing, so why not something which can stop plants from growing / spreading? If this is doable I'm in full support of it.

    I wouldn't be using it but I can easily see how others might. A friend of mine on SMP4 for example has a shop which has some vines growing on the outer walls, and she always complains how the vines grow "over" the entrance. I'm sure she'd like this flag!

    I'm neutral about this suggestion myself but I'm still going +1 because, as above, it makes perfect sense. I mean: we have redstone, piston and lever (use) flags, so why not something which can also control pressure plates?

    But on that subject: if you're looking for something to control this then there are already some options available to you. Of course not if the to-be-controlled item sits right next to the pressure plate, but if you add a small gap than you can create a mechanic which can actually enable/disable the pressure plate by re-directing the signal. I made something like this on my "vault build", if you'd like I'd be happy to show it to you sometimes.

    Anyway, as said above: +1 as well :)
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  6. +1
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  8. These flags will be considered after the 1.9 update. To respond more individually to them.
    grow/spread. Solid maybe. Not due too the technical posibility of it, but a slight concern of how often this check would be running. Might explore the possibility of per-world limited flags (so limit this type of flag just to town for example). Definitely do not want to make a guarantee, as a noticeable performance, would immediately abort this suggestion.

    pressureplate. in theory this would be possible. How it would work, would left to be seen though.
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  9. I would like to add that the list won't show all the suggestions. I suggested this a year and a half ago... lol