Already Suggested: Residences and Flags

May 19, 2016
Already Suggested: Residences and Flags

  • Color Key(top)

    Green indicates suggestion added or already existed.
    Red indicates suggestion denied by a staff member or not accepted without staff confirmation
    Yellow indicates partially added.
    Pink indicates suggestion accepted and pending being added to EMC.
    Light Pink indicates suggestion partly pending addition.
    Blue indicates suggestion neither accepted nor denied, but tabled for future discussion

    Residence Suggestions(top)

    Residence mob caps
    Lock items in Town - RESTRICT signs added - link
    Increase derelict time from 10 days - link
    RTS teleports to other Residences - link
    Changing residence biome - link
    Access Sign improvements - link
    /v random shop - Added with tags - link
    Naming a Residence - link
    Allow voting to postpone Derelict Status - link
    Coloring names with supporter color in res message - link
    Tp sign custom messages - link
    Tripwire RTS - link
    Allow past supporter to default res message - link
    /res tag list

    Shorter derelict for new players - link
    Per player res spawn locations - link
    Remove residence reset time for supporters
    Adding items with Commands - link
    Prevent kicking res owners by res admins - link
    Increase derelict timer for everyone - link
    Ability to work on your own road edits - link
    Res reset automatically places items in Vault - link
    Rating Residences - link
    Custom /res unstuck location - link
    Linking accounts with alts for Derelict Policy - link
    Residence visitor counter - link
    Server representatives - link
    Item frame limit - link
    Residences that have ores - link
    Shop advert residence - link
    Set all Town plots to one biome - link
    Permanent wild ocelots - link
    Residence co-owners - link
    Official Empire Community Farms - link
    The Awesometer residence - link
    Preserving best Residences in a separate Town world - link
    Observation mode - link
    Favoriting Residences - link
    Automated lighting - link
    Subway system to Residences - link
    Remodel Town roads - link
    Increase entity cap with Rupees - link
    /blockcount - link
    Re-enable squids spawning in Town naturally - link
    More specific /entcount - link
    Set alt residence as your /home - link
    /v derelict - link
    Bedrock removal tool - link
    Residence plants grow without chunk loaded - link
    Raise the height limit above 256 - link
    Remove move block from the banned flag - link
    Purchasing Residences with Rupees - Added in the form of vouchers - link
    Mailboxes - Added as the Mail system versus a physical mailbox - link
    Ability to fly on your residence - All players now have the ability to fly in Utopia Town
    Move residence - added as Senior Staff Service - link
    Res dirt clear outs - added as Senior Staff Service - link
    List residence flag default statuses - added in cset - link
    Connecting Residences underground - added as Senior Staff Road Edit - link
    Beacon Affect Range - added buffs flag - link
    Res portals able to use gold/iron tps - Modified to allow no blocks necessary - link
    Visit players without having to type out their whole name - tab completion added - link
    Color codes in res messages - added as supporter perk - link
    Auto-switch servers to visit Residences - added message to say which server to go to - link
    Beacon react signs - covered with Buffs flag for residence - link
    Per tag res spawn locations - link
    Property selling with items on res - link
    Spawning peaceful mobs in Town again - link
    /v playername takes you to res on that server, regardless of number - link
    Entity limit priorities - link
    Add color coding to message signs - link
    Tag visit improvements - link
    Rentable event center - link

    Flag Suggestions(top)

    Egg flag
    Trade flag - link
    Destroy flag
    Move furnaces to container flag - link
    Add noteblocks to a flag - link
    Remove grass from firespread flag - link
    Give all permissions flag - link
    Enderpearl flag - link
    Minecart flag - link
    Redstone Flags - link
    Fishing flag - link
    Firespread flag false by default - link
    Dirt/per block flag - link
    Melt flag - link
    Cake flag - link
    Precipitation flag - link
    Monster flag - link
    Group flag reformating - link
    Non-admin access to healing flag - link
    PvP flag - link
    Per mob flag - link
    Keep res Flags private - link
    Animal flag to cover breed, kill, and ride in one - link
    Build flags with Y coordinates - link
    Stackitem flag - link
    Horse stay - link
    Remove banned flag - link
    Head flag - link
    Confirm build/container Flags - link
    Flag to give permissions - Added partially as admin flag - link
    Kill, plant and harvest Flags - Kill flag added
    Admin Flag & Subzones - Admin Flag added - link
    Fly flag - Added to all Utopian Residences - link
    Remove all of one player's Flags with one command - link
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