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  1. Come play the Ryno361/Caleb_Moyer lottery. It is located an server SMP7 at res number 14397.

    The cost per ticket is 250 rupees and you can buy as many as you'd like. There are 250 tickets available but going fast. The grand prize is 30,000 rupee. The drawing will be after all the tickets have sold. I will use EMC Shopkeeper to keep track of who bought tickets and will use random.org to pick a winner. Thanks and have fun and let me (caleb_moyer) or ryno361 in game if you have any questions.
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  3. 100 Tickets Have Sold...Keep buying people...remember the faster they sell..the faster we can reveal a winner
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to use the Rupee History?
    Also, what happens when nobody will buy the last few tickets?
  5. Aren't you supposed to get it approved since you're making a forum thread and there's a buy-in fee? You should have contacted staff beforehand- plus you're supposed to put the odds of winning in there somewhere, and how much you will keep for yourself.
  6. So the prize is 30000, and the total raked in is 62500? That is an incredibly bad payout, in these situations you want to make it so that buying a larger amount of tickets is desired, not avoided.
  7. For those who need clarification, this lottery meets all of the guidelines in place. Also, they do not need staff approval.
    For further clarification, your odds are: however many you buy/250.
    All of this is also found at the res, so it checks out.
  8. This lottery is ran by two people so we have to split the money we make into two. We are also going to create a larger prize fund with 1/3 of the money we rake in to make a larger lottery later. So really, we're not making much but making it so we can run a larger scale lottery system later on
  9. we have set a end date just in case no one buys the last few tickets even though i think they will. I cant tell you the date as to encourage people to buy the tickets but their is an end date.
  10. Thank You!
  11. Next time just put all this in 1 post.
  12. ok
  13. How does that make any sense? You don't need any money to do a lottery. As by the time you need to pay out the prize, you've already collected the prize and then some through tickets. Would you like to input another excuse and I can check it in the system for you?
  14. ok i dont care what your opinion is. if you dont want to buy a ticket..then don't... this forum page is for people that want to buy a 250 rupee ticket which is pretty cheap to have a 1/250 chance to win 30,000 which is pretty good odds for 250 rupees
  15. That post you quoted was not my opinion. You do not need money to start a lottery, as by the time you pay out the pot you've already made more than what the pot is worth. I can call so many flags right now but I'll just quietly walk away and let everyone do their thing..
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  16. Lotteries only need some sort of item to be a ticket, a chest and a shop sign. You can set the amount to anything it won't make you lose money,but rather gain...
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  17. thank you...it really boils down to if you wanna take a chance to win a good amount of rupees...its just like the lottery in real life..SOMEONE HAS TO WIN
  18. and the analogy continues that in real life, there's always the people that made more than the person won lol