Rupee Payment Through The Site

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  1. Hey guys!

    So this suggestion comes from seeing a lot of auctions where someone wins and the person says "I'm at ---- right now and have to wait til I can get home to pay" or something along the lines of just being unable to log on and pay at the moment.

    This suggestion isn't necessary, but more for a convenience factor. Basically someone would just be able to pay you through the site. You wouldn't have to log on or anything. I've attached a file below that will be what I picture it would look like.

    Sometimes people bid in an auction or just owe someone some money and aren't able to send it because they don't have computer access. This just helps them out if they use a mobile device or a computer that doesn't have Mincraft. I don't know the difficulty of adding this though.

    I upgraded to 1.5 and am going to buy some stone but can't pay the person selling it. This would make it easier for us both (Yes I know now that I can restore previous version though)

    *If you're curious: The Pokemon tabs from above were me. (Gens 1-3 can't be beat)

    Edit: Forgot [Suggestion] in the title.

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  2. I like this idea allot, saves people procrastinating auctions if thier internet sucks...
  3. Winners should pay within 48 hours, and pickup within 10 days (unless other arrangements are made with the seller). 48 hrs should be enough time to get online to pay.
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  4. This is on Justin's to-do list. :) I don't think that Aikar has the permission to edit the guide/major website things (might have changed but I don't think so), so unless he does get it, Justin will have to add this but it's been on that list for over a year...
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  5. Stuff comes up. I'm not suggesting this because people don't have enough time, I'm suggesting it because it's more convenient/allows people to pay faster

    Never knew that..
  6. Yup.. I'll have a look for a few of the suggestion threads regarding it. I think that it would be great, by the way.

    *EDIT* Here we go:
    From this thread.
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  7. This sounds a good idea, now we just need a plan for the person who is having the auction to be able to set up the item chest for the winner to be able to pick up through the web site :p
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  8. This actually would have been possible too if ICC/Aikar's evil first version shop update wasn't shot in the face. :p
  9. This has been suggested so many times, however I still thinks its a great idea. To help with hacking and scamming there should be another password to access the rupees part of the site (different from your normal one)
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  10. I remember, that was suppose to be the new shop system that did not require you to have a shop on you res. I think Aikar still gets gibes over that :D
  11. great idea!
  12. Dis. Also to protect those who live with evil siblings from getting their wallet savaged. Too many times I've seen trolls ask how to pay rupees after spamming, obviously trying to hurt the account real owner as much as possible -sadly I've seen people answering to take advance of it-, so if it was made easier... *shivers*. Even if it's our own responsibility to keep our accounts safe, moar safety is always good.