Rupee and token transactions search bar.

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  1. I didn't really think of this until i was looking through hundreds of rupee transactions, trying to find a casino I used to go to (sadly, he went derelict). This would make it so you could search for a specific item or person, and there it would be. I think this would be really useful for people who took a break, and wanted to find old shops they used. Also, it would save time that could be used creating awesome things! I think, this would be a useful addition.
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  2. yes this would help +1 from me
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  3. Is bumping a thing in the suggestion box?
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  4. I guess?
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  5. You might indeed be able to use the Shopkeeper for this.
    This seems like something that would be considered too complicated to hack into the site, but I'm not certain.
  6. +1
    I already have the Shopkeeper, but it would be a useful feature to have for those who don't know about the Shopkeeper or otherwise just haven't downloaded it
  7. This is pretty much what i use the Shopkeeper for. Works pretty well for me to locate what i want to recall
  8. Previous suggestion solved by utilizing shopkeeper, until such point we update the forums.

    Closed thread.
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