Rules with afk fishing

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  1. I was wondering what the rules are for holding down place block and then pressing alt+f11 and minimizing the window so I keep fishing while playing on another account.
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  2. I don’t think it works if you tab out of mc to go to another ur game pauses and this isn’t allowed
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  3. Any interaction with the world at all on two accounts at once is not allowed on EMC. IE Auto mob killing, mining, gathering crops, fishing, etc.
  4. Yup, exactly what Eviltoade said. For some reason it's needed for perfectly viable things to do to be disallowed, but oh well. Having multiple accounts online and just having all but one sit there and do nothing (so just stand there. Standing on a pressure plate, sitting in a minecart, triggering a tripwire hook, that is all allowed, just no interaction with the world) is allowed.
  5. What Evil and Tom said. I've heard a lot of different things like - your allowed to fish like that, but you have to be on the computer in a way that you can respond to people if they message you, etc.
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  6. still, only one account at i time tho xD
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  7. ohh 2 accounts with like auto clicking or holding down place block and f11, i thought you meant like using both just standing there for experience. ok this solves it, thanks!
  8. I thought from what everyone was saying that you couldn't have more than one account on at a time at all, but I knew it couldn't be true :p
    Now I get it xD
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  9. I'm pretty sure there a few players breaking these rules recently. There are a handful of players that have played EMC for a while with very low TEXP count who suddenly in one month are on top of the all time leaderboard. We're talking like a few million EXP in one day. I don't even know how that is possible.
  10. Gold Farm Afking - hopefully, these players know better than to use an auto-clicker.
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  11. They could be using furnaces that makes a lot of xp if done correctly or they could make a super good mob farm made of dirt and Redstone stuff or they could be at my guardian xp farm on 6 if it still works
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  12. There was a bug (oversight? idk) when the xp changes came out that gave 5x the xp for villager trading, so there were a few people who had a backlog of villager trading to do, so they used a macro and went all out, getting ~2mil TEXP.
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  13. I don't think so. That was fixed months ago. This has been going on since that was fixed. I'm betting that Eviltoade is more likely to be right on this one.
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  14. I don't know about recently, but the villager xp thing managed to get people ~2mil texp in a few days when it was still around. If you're talking about people gaining massive amounts of texp in the past few weeks, I have no idea how they're doing it.
  15. I don't know how it's done but it doesn't seem to be villager trading. At least not on it's own. Maybe some kind of edge case with gold farms? Or maybe villager trading while simultaneously killing mobs at a gold farm?

    Because the rate is just extreme. When I compare my rate (by refreshing the leaderboard) with one of the top 5 in the list, they outdistance me by 5x.
  16. Yeah, I just don't see the amount of time vs the amount of xp as being possible under normal game play. There was a month where on the 1st of the month in the morning I hit refresh and someone was already up at the top of the month with about 5 million. That was after the villager trading issue was fixed. I don't see how that is possible in a few hours.
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  17. Well I guess xp in a group is earned at 5x. The wiki says this applies to breeding, mining and smelting. So maybe a group is doing one of those activities? Or maybe the bonus applies to something not listed like mob farms?
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