[Role-Playing Clan] The Followers of Marlix

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  1. Greetings to you all. I am Replete_Spectrum: Shadow Priest of Marlix. I have come before you today bringing great news. I have gathered enough souls for Marlix to rise from his imprisonment and lead us in a new era of peace. Darkness is eternal and never ending. Though light may triumph over dark, in the end, the darkness will prevail. The universe started in darkness, and so shall it end that way. Those who stay on the path of light will be destroyed by the might of their own fallen people and the overwhelming power of darkness. However, those who join me in the path of darkness will find true and everlasting power. I have agents hidden all over the Empire. Your downfall is inevitable. Join me and together we will usher in a new era of peace through fear.

    This is a role-playing clan. To join, you must promise to role-play your character at all times. Our colors are purple, red, and black. You do not have to wear these colors on your skin, but it makes it easier to role-play your character. Also, if possible, put Servant of Marlix in your signature to show your true commitment. We wont do much except PvP probably and steal souls for Marlix (AKA player heads). This is just for fun. Anyone interested leave a comment below to let me and the others know. Happy hunting and remember...follow the darkness...it will not betray you if you are strong...

    EXTRA: If it helps I will post below here of what my character is...

    I am Replete_Spectrum and I am The Shadow Priest of Marlix. I go where Marlix commands me and I preach his good word. I follow the path of darkness and honor the master by wielding his armor and weaponry. With each death I bring to my foes, another soul is taken for Marlix to devour. Once he has enough souls, he will bring his doom upon the light. I use the art of shadow magic, deception, manipulation, and cunning to destroy my foes and bring glory to the Master...

    Also I might open up my second residence on smp6 as our collection of souls. I will place a few hoppers into chests so I can hang all the heads of the stolen souls for Marlix.
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  2. :eek: The fight is on. Will we let the darkness win or will we fight until the end?
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  3. Let's die. :p
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  4. You may choose to rebel...but in the end...darkness will prevail. It is inevitable. Face your doom or join me...
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  5. I can call over samsimx to kill the Marlix that is troubling your mind. Don't worry, he will keep the armor for himself :p
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  6. My mind is not troubled. I see clearly through the eyes of the Master. Soon...we will all be one under his leadership...
  7. A message has reached my ears from the Master...Marlix has informed me that there is a clan of paladins who have risen to oppose us...We must destroy them before they can do any harm to us...We must destroy their heresies and cleanse the universe of its imperfection and restore it to the point of total darkness.
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  8. The point of total darkness will never come because their will always be a star in the night sky
  9. In the end...every star will be extinguished...so cherish the light while you have it...
  10. Momentus has risen...His servant will arrive shortly...An alliance will be forged between Marlix and Momentus...For one man can be defeated easily...Two can cover each other's blind side...And more allies will come in the future...I hear another servant from a far away place may arrive in the Empire in due time...One who is a master in the arts of degeneration...
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  12. To be honest that was the most fun I ever had. I was really upset when certain players took it too far.
  13. The Great and majestic Lord Momentus would never stand with the foul denizens of the false usurper! Stand strong my Brothers at arms! together the glorious god of hunger will prevail over the frail dark ones!
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  14. Yay! Fighting :D
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  15. Sweet now I got two teams to fight. Challenge accepted :cool:
  16. Anyone else reading those threads?
  17. i read them, theres a few notable differences. we are only recruiting on the forums as far as i know. not encouraging any kind of griefing and have the use of arena instead of trying to kill with lava in wild. im not worried about following in those groups steps
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