The Red Wolves

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  1. The Red Wolves
    -fluffinator09 Commander Rank:Commander
    -R34P3RSKillZ Security Chief Rank: Deputy
    -Hash98 Foreman Rank:Captain
    -plymouthboys Public Affairs Rank:Captain
    -maxy969 ScoutMaster Rank:Captain
    -tenaciousrope7 Rank:Captain
    -tlandreth Rank: Private
    -30_30_150 Scout Rank: Private
    gwormn Rank: Private
    BetaGuardians Rank: Private
    1999Kid Rank: Private
    BrianBoyj Rank: Private
    ALL WOLVES If the Reavers grief your things in the Wasteland

    Red Wolves Creed

    We fight for a world where sustainability means serious business.
    We love a good fight where no one gets hurt and everyone wins.

    We fight to develop innovative concepts, products and services that deliver positive return in the new world enconomy

    We fight to enable those who are least responsible for the condition of the world today, but are most impacted.

    Good fighters know not to let anger and haste guide their actions, yet never back down from an honorable fight. We believe in fighting the good fight.
    By maxy969

    To join please respond as soon as I
    ask if anyone wants to join.
    I will try to do this at least once a day.
    If you cannot attend please post a response to this thread.
    This group is financed by Creeper Enterprises and any genourous donations.
    If you wish to donate please inform me and pay fluffinator09 directly.
    These funds will not be used for my personal benefit but will
    directly support The Red Wolves.
    Our members are instructed not talk to anyone outside the
    organization about what our group does but if you pay
    attention you might be able to figure out what we do.
    Current members ATTENTION I will come up with
    ranks and jobs to each person.
    Sorry about the smile cant get rid of it.
    New members will be given the rank of Private.
    If you have seen the discussion for The Reavers then you know that they oppose us.
    We did not start this they did.
    We are a peaceful orginazation we wanted to help people.
    Their leader ,LostTranquility, wanted to join us but decided not to.
    That was OK, but whats not ok is his response to us.
    Please help us to end their talking of "sheep blood, lava, and human sacrafice"
    by speaking out or joining us.
    This is a call to all of those brave enough to combat these people with words not violence.

    The Code Of The Red Wolves

    1. Thou shalt not foul the air with unpleasant words.

    2.Thou shall show proper Respect to all people’s no matter how misguided they may be.

    3. Thou shalt not disrespect the community, other groups, or other people.

    4. Thou shalt not grief other people’s creations.

    5. Thou shall remain true to the Light.

    6. Thou shalt not spam or harass.

    7. Thou shall obey their superiors if their order is True.

    8. Though shall help all members of our group and those of them that are Innocent.

    9. Thou shall not spill Innocent blood.

    10. Thou shalt use words before violence.

    11. Thou shall Respect all Administrators, and Moderators and obey them before other Wolves.

    12. Thou shall hunt the Dreadful Creeper every 2nd Friday of the month.

    13. Thou shall live, die, and fight by the Code.

    Step Up ForGood!

  2. Ummm, just pointing this out but no one else is going to join if they don't know what the group is about and focused on, and plus what is Creeper Enterprises?
  3. Creeper Enterprises is a franchise buissness group owned by me and Hash98 when people think they want to join they are taken to an orentation room to tell people what we are about.
  4. we are a peaceful, helpful organazation
  5. Lol, still doesn't tell me what you do. All I know is what you do when people want to join, do you like try to stop griefers, enforce server laws, make texture packs or skins, what do you do?????????
  6. If you want to find out what we primarily do check back tommorow on the server at 9:30 est.
  7. mysterious.....and almost shady
  8. We would perfer to be heard but not proclaimed.
  9. so you are trying to be the free masons of MC?
  10. That i would be fine with, I respect the free masons, but on the other hand, I don't know what you do yet still lol
  11. In a basic way, possibly. But if you really want to know, visit my res at 9:30 EST. (res #921)
  12. I don't really want to tell anyone exactly what we do until we have more members. If you really want to know more, visit my res at 9:30 EST. (#921 res) but to give you a sort of better idea of what we do you guessed one of the goals that Im hoping on doing. The problem with that though is I'm working on how to acquire that goal due to the problem of us not having a moderater as part of our group yet so........... I'm still working on that angle.
  13. Fair enough, I can live with that info.
  14. I have to go for a bit but if you would like more info or would like to join please come by res 921 at 11:30 EST.
  15. So 9:30 EST or 11:30 EST? Also do you have any sheep blood for sale?
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  16. Sorry but the docter's appointment took longer than I anticipated but I will be on for sure at 1:30 EST. And what the heck is sheep blood?
  17. Sheeps blood, it's blood of sheep.
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  18. I am incharge of all builders..... I'm the Foreman. If you need help with building come to me.
  19. Creeper Enterprises is a franchise fluufinator09 and i came up with. We are murging our businesses together to make more profits.
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