Rioters in Baltimore

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  1. So, if you have not been tuning into the news recently, a series of riots have erupted in Baltimore. Police officers and S.W.A.T. teams have attempted to shut them down, but the rioters are basically outnumbering police officers, and beating them down. At about 4PM today (4-27-2015), 7 officers were hurt, but a small riot was shut down. Later on today, fires began breaking out, police vehicles were set on fire and vandalized, and more officers were beat down (including 1 officer unresponsive.). I heard the mayor is declaring a state of emergency, and they are sending in National Guard. Now, what are your guys' thoughts on this?

    EDIT: Here is ONE of the many pictures of the carnage.
  2. I only heard that a curfew would be placed from 10pm-5am regarding that event, I think...these events are unnecessary; attacking police officers and other people to show a message is a bit too far.
  3. Media sparked outcry. The media knows that bringing up race creates tension which also boosts viewing. The police there made many mistakes at one point, but after that they did practically everything reasonable that was asked of them, but the media hyped it up and twisted the situation. It is pretty ridiculous to be honest, it will be another Ferguson except this time people won't be as tolerant to the misplaced violence.
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  4. Why cant this all just stop?
  5. All I can say is one word-

  6. This can be ended fast.

    Riots are violent and not needed. I understand protests, But wearing masks and lighting police vehicles on fire? That's hostile. My opinion? Tear gas, Bean bags, Fire hoses, Rubber bullets, You get it. After we use that? Pull up the paddy wagon and book 'em
  7. Thats what the police commissioner (I think thats who he was) said in the video.
  8. Daaaaaammmmnnn.

    This is pathetic!
  9. That is crazy.
  10. Um... this is just wrong
  11. Why are they rioting in the first place? :confused:
  12. Apparently an officer killed an African American man named Freddie Gray. Then it all hit the fan.
  13. They are protesting police actions. A black man who was arrested died in police custody due to a spinal injury, and while the police and local government has been 100% cooperative with the peaceful protests and reasonable community demands, it always turns to violence with current day race protests.
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  14. Not this again... Why is the officer blamed first every time (I dont know the whole story so I will go research beforesaying anything else :oops:)
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  15. I completely agree with you. For some reason, all the cops are blamed. One cop shot an armed African American man (Who did fire at police), and cried after for doing so. Not all cops are mean, people!
  16. It is very sad. Police officers aren't racist AT ALL. In every single situation, they would have shot anyone. Not just a black person. Reverse racism is really pathetic.
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  17. Definitely true. And because of these people who are taking this way too far, innocent people are getting hurt, and they are causing millions of dollars of damage.
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  18. Any large group is guaranteed to have a mix of every type of person. Some police officers are racist, abusive, excessively violent, etc but I believe the group as a whole is good. The problem is that whenever their is an actual race issue, or whenever a you man/woman of color is killed by a cop, the situation is warped into something terrible (like how Ferguson turned out) and then the gangs arrive at the opportunity. Peaceful, non-excessively-disruptive protesters are generally good people who have a real cause or are just massively misinformed. The violence occurs when the gangs/thugs come out, or the race baiters start talking.
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  19. Yes, but this incident involved 6 officers. In a group of size maybe one is a bad apple, I dont get why people jump to conclusions.