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  1. Hi Everyone

    I just wanted to send out a notice that I'm going to start playing again.
    I've been a member since 2014 but have been away for a long time. I can honestly say I started to miss the old Empire.
    I'm going to start by working on getting my shop back up and running on SMP8 16460. It's all still there but basically everything was sold and I'm sure I have some price adjustments to make. I also have a drop party tower on my other res. I'm not sure if those are still a thing but I would like to put one together some time in the near future as a bit of grand return party.
    I took a look at the retired team members and staff pages and was saddened to see almost everyone I knew has since moved on. Hopefully there are still a few old schoolers around that might remember me.
    Looking forward to playing with you guys.
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  2. Saw u ingame today :D

    Glad u are back! :D
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  3. Welcome back! :) though they retired many former staff and team members still pop in to say hi every once in awhile :)
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  4. Welcome back! I look forward to seeing you around. :)
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  5. Welcome back! I hope that you are able to make those adjustments and get your shops back into the economy soon! :D
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  6. Welcome old pal
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  7. Welcome back!
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  8. I still recognise you! :D Welcome back! :)
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  9. Always nice to welcome old members returning to the Empire o/
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  10. Enjoy your time, and cool to see a picture. :)