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Chicken Waffles?

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Yea 7 vote(s) 53.8%
Nah 3 vote(s) 23.1%
With peanut butter and bacon 3 vote(s) 23.1%
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  1. Hey EMC!

    Wanted to make a quick business survey. You can choose to remain anonymous or opt-in for a 5k rupee reward. Will send awards in 2 weeks as well as publish Generic survey results


    Gonna use this to direct my shop in the future

  2. Bumpy bump
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  3. Last bump, thanks to everyone who has participated

    edit sept 2: I’ll post results tonight and send payments aswell
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  4. Thanks to everyone that participated I have sent the participation awards.

    Here I share some of the pre-made google graphs and some paraphrasing for the text questions

    1. I want build my own city in one of the smp /towns
    2. I want to own a multi million rupee mall
    3. I like adventuring/exploring and auctioning off my premium items
    4. Paycheck? Nah I earn rupees from voting
    5. Surviving in the wild with no player interactions
    6. Collect promos, books or heads
    7. Have items? Take my rupees, I’m a HORDER

    1. 18 participants

    2. What items need more supply?
    • Burst of demand of Sand and Obsidian
    • Gunpowder and derivates
    • Copper
    • Update Items
    • Blackstone,Quartz, general nether items
    3. What items do you buy the most often (quick turnover)
    Fancy Blocks: Glass, Quartz, Lights

    If you would like access to specifics just dm me /closing thread
  5. Thanks for sharing the results. :)
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