Results of the first community survey

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  1. A big thank you to everyone that participated in our first community survey. Overall the feedback was great and it was encouraging to hear all the nice things everyone had to say. Below I have listed some of the suggestions and what we are going to do about them. I know that not every single suggestion is listed here, I just picked the ones that were made several times by more than one person (one step at a time).
    • Create a new Wasteland or reset the Wasteland.
    • Make the portals in the Town do something.
    • Lower the official shop prices.
      • We purposely set the official shop prices high because we want the market to be controlled by player shops. If we set the official shop prices too low it would destroy the competitive market.
    • Add more of the res commands to the server guide.
      • I have added these to the server guide already and will continue to add more.
    • Limit chat somehow, when it gets busy it is way too much, and people spam.
    • Add the ability to reset residences (starting over).
    • Give new players a starter pack when they claim their residence.
      • I am currently working on this.
    • More ways to earn rupees.
    • Add the ability to buy rupees directly by donating, instead of just daily for supporters.
      • I don't see any problem with this. I will look deeper into it once I wrap up some of the other new things.
    • Let us have more than one lot in Town or group lots.
      • Once I have finished the residence improvements, I will start a discussion about this.
    • Remove residences for inactive players.
      • I am currently working on this.
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  2. nice thanks for the updates even though i am new ti empire it is nice to know what is in the works and being done :)
  3. Great as always,But please add the function to buy rupees soon,You would get like 50 dollars a day from me :)
  4. Could you make it to somehow we can hide the chests in our shop
  5. could you make me the king of your fan club? lol
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  6. hey i know the suvey has been done but could you reset the wasteland because it is becoming ugly with just random crators everywhere
  7. The Wasteland is a great place for exploring and mining still, you just need to go out further. And um... the term wasteland implies being ugly and filled with random craters and other devastation. It's perfect! :)

    And with the new wilderness it's possible to go and get resources without having to travel too far... for now. The Wilderness will become a devastated wasteland eventualy too. By then maybe another world will be added... or better yet, we could build safe roads from the spawn point to unexplored areas.

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  8. okai lol just another thing ime putting in for people to think about is there is a comand that you could amybe make your self which teleports you but cost 200 rupies