Turn your friends into rupees!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Today we have released a new referral system. It is very simple, get a friend to become a member and you get a 1,000 rupee bonus!

    Click here for more information
  2. Just a couple of things to add:

    Of course your friend has to own a Minecraft account (you can't join the Empire site without one).

    We will NOT be manually crediting for members who don't list you as a referral or use your link (it is all automated).
  3. umm what if i referred like 3 people a couple weeks ago.
  4. Sorry, we are not going to be crediting for past joins. If they did not join the site yet you can still get it if they use you as the referral during registration.
  5. I know this works :p Lost got on the site real smooth :p
  6. ok ty