Help compensate for my bad graphics skills

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  1. Last Sunday I announced the new referral system. Today I have added a few ads that can be used to help spread the word (and of course earn rupees). The thing is, I suck at creative Photoshop stuff, so I am asking anyone who is interested for help. What would probably be best is smaller (or slimmer) things that people can use in forum signatures on other sites. If you come up with something good I will add it to the official referrals section.

    Downloads to help:
    Empire logo (masked .png)
    Empire logo (photoshop .psd)
  2. i can give it a go got a size in mind or color scheme?
  3. Not really, just stuff that looks nice :)
  4. I like yours, Justin. I'm going to use that.
  5. ok then justin i will start working on smallish images then :D will post some examples here when done :D
  6. Sorry But I´m not of a picture maker,But if you want a video,Them I´m your guy,I rule at making vidoes and like filming stuff and so on :D

  7. here is an example image....if that is the size or if you like it i can make different ones all i ask is you give me the empire minecraft official font :) and i will go to work on images :) i know i forgot the border been a while since i touched the shop :X but any graphic work or ideas for tex packs i will do for you guys if i can :) i do things till i get what the requester wants is to their expectations (i know this sounds like a sales pitch at least it does in my opinion)
  8. The logo is not a font, but I have downloads for the logo in the first post of this thread. Also take a look at this for ideas: . It would be good to include that represents what the server has to offer (rather than just join). :)
  9. will do justin :)
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  10. lol star that is misleading imo as we lack the cookies to give if they join wanting them
  11. Red Bull doesn't literally give you wings does it?
  12. no it does not but ehh i wont get into it as it will spawn a debate
  13. i got cookies :p
  14. Something I whipped together quickly:

  15. nice aus this is the reason i will not become a graphic designer as i prefer the art aspect over the whole simplistic to the point part that is really what graphic design is about :/
  16. Graphic design is as much about artistic creativity as it is about succinct conveyance of information, if any.

    The way I see it, the EMC logo is the result of graphic design, but the image as a whole is just a poster of sorts.
  17. well yes but idk how to put it i guess it was because i didn't think of that xDDD and to be honest i hate text on the things i make so good show xD i will post one here once i finally get something i find acceptable to show off in a full "poster" type format just had a down moment is all lol cheers though!
  18. Winning, I will add this to the referrals page. Out of curiosity what font is the copy?
  19. Trebuchet MS.