Town Portals

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  1. This morning AusQB and GameKribDuck suggested making nether portals in Town take you back to the Town spawn (just like typing /spawn). I thought this was a nice idea because currently nether portals do nothing in Town. I expanded on the idea so that you can also make portals that go to other residences (only in Town).

    Instructions have been added to the Empire Guide Advanced section.
  2. Let me know if there are any bugs with this. I wrote the plugin myself, and I am experimenting with a "smooth teleport" idea that if it works well i may be able to incorporate into things like /home to protect against the lag holes.
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  3. Just letting Everyone know that you can also make it go to the spawn of other worlds
    example:Spawn_Wasteland takes you to the wasteland
  4. Just wondering...

    Is it possible to put a command on the sign under a portal to make it go nowhere/do nothing, so it can be purely for decoration?
  5. Currently no, but this could be an idea. Something like "disabled" on the sign.
  6. i think as decoration would be awesome i know exactly where to put one if that is the case :) other than that i shall make a "portal" room on my res to take me to the worlds :)
  7. I have added this feature, it will be available after the next server restart (tomorrow morning). If you want to make a decoration portal you put "disabled" on the top line of the sign underneath. Of course you will still get the psychedelic effects standing in it, it just won't take you anywhere. Thanks for the idea :)
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  8. Cool!

    Thanks for the programming expertise... and the decorative portals. :)