Chat updates - channels & ignoring

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  1. love it thus far now lets see it in practice when more then like 5 or 6 people are chatting yes?
  2. It would be a good idea to make a supporters channel
  3. secret supporters channel..l.i wna tin on that to get my paypal account to work >.>
  4. I like the letter and color you chose for the global channel.

    It's really suiting.
  5. If only we can open the chat like wow :p have multiple tabs
  6. Maybe in the Distant future lol
  7. In the future when they start to focus on large server performance, I bet they will do something like this.

    Perhaps in the future I could look into creating an official client mod for EMC that does this with our channels.
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  8. make it a whole lot better
  9. Just a thought about chat channels...

    World channels seem a likely route to take for additional channels. One for each world. That way all the chatter in town wouldn't be heard by anyone not on that channel if they don't want to hear it.

    You probably already thought of that, but I figured I'd bring it up in case you hadn't.

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  10. I am sooo glad you made these upgrades to the chat system Justin!! I've been using your new features constantly.

    Something I'm finding the need for that there isn't at the moment is a three, or more, way private chat channel.

    The local channel is good for this, but sometimes people go out of range, including when someone dies, and I've found it a bit harrowing trying to write /tell whoever (esp. a name like ZerreissenDirge, for instance) and change back and forth between channels in the heat of the moment while on a particularly tense and perilous adventure.

    It would be a valuable added convenience if we could create dedicated private channels that include multiple people. Perhaps this can be done by simply adding multiple people to the list when starting a whisper, with the names seperated by commas. (i.e. /tell JustinGuy, GameKribJeremy). Maybe commands like /tell add and /tell remove could be implemented as well.

    I don't know how complicated that would be to set up (probably very), but from a user perspective that seems like it would be quite functional. There are surely other, possibly better, ways to do it too.

    Also, I noticed that when a player disconnects, or is disconnected (which happens regularly to some people), any private whisper channel is terminated. Is there any way to keep the channel open/active in this case and just give a message saying the person is offline when a message is sent?

    These are just some hopes for the future development of the chat system.

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  11. In reply to liz, Having the ability to add your own channel would be easier and better fix for that, sort of like a party chat.

    The channel would be deleted once all members are offline for server space. Just a thought
  12. Whatever is easiest to implement sounds good to me. :)

    I can't say much about the programming end, only the using-it end.

    Another thing I, and others I'm sure, have noticed is that I often end up forgetting what channel I'm on and end up sending messages to the wrong channel. This happens all too often and everyone seems to do it.

    I don't know if it's remotely possible to have some way to indicate what channel we're on without having to type something, but that would be a really nice feature too.

    I can't see how that would be possible with the chat system as it is, so I'll leave the idea generation to the programming geniuses on this one. :)
  13. I am looking into all of this and appreciate the input :)

    As far as typing in the wrong channel, I noticed some people have "cross channel" conversations because you can be in more than one channel at a time. What if I changed it so you can only be in one channel at a time?
  14. I'm trying to imagine how it would be if we were only able to hear one channel at a time. I don't know. It seems like it would be simpler, but I'm getting the feeling it would be less functional than the way it is now.

    As far as knowing which channel we're in, what about having it so that if we type just /ch it tells us what channel we're in? A quick way to check.
  15. yay i was used as an example....but as i have been saying private channels asap plz justin sometimes global shellshocks me O_O
  16. It is possible to turn off the global channel as it is now by typing /ch leave global. Then all becomes silent.

    I find the global chat a bit overwhelming at times too.
  17. here are some thoughts for the chat system....private channels...a mature channel(as in 17+ so the childish banter can be ignored and be serious talk NOT for dirty purposes just to clear the up) if possible to verify age for said channel would be best......supporter channel.....mod/admin channel.....and finally when ignoring someone block the login and out messages from them as death messages are gone now.....and make global chat world based :) that is all
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  18. why not just have the channel prefix in the input box.
  19. Wouldn't that be a client-side change?