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  1. Katy,

    I have just opened a new MegaMall on SMP3 carrying over 300 items. The residence is 6900 and the name is the Empire Outlets :)
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  2. Please delete the following entries:

    506 +SFbooks *SteamingFire* = SF Library & Bookstore A new library and bookstore are open! Come read, buy, and sell books!

    17467 +minigame +mg *steamingfire* = Minigames Galore : Packed with a variety of free minigames including Guess My Word, Guess My Picture, Speedy Spleef, Capture the Flag, Pearly Parkour, Archery, and Strider Racing. All necessary items are provided. Some games may require you to ask SteamingFire for permission before use. Please see this thread for more details:

    5619 +treehouse *steamingfire* = games all around it like chess, checkers, connect 4, tic-tac-toe, battleship, othello/reversi, custom Snow Goal, and recreation like a huge pool and minibeach, free drinks, a sauna, a maze, parkour staircase, ice boat racing, and pig racing/maze

    Thank you.
  3. done. they are marked out for now and will be deleted fully in another month or so
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  4. Idk why I didn't add my shop to the list before XD

    It's on smp3 (res number 6703) and buys and sells most pre-1.13 items and has a small public utility area (crafting tables, etc) nearby, and construction on a larger version with more recently added items will be started soon hopefully :D
  5. This list is well overdue for an update and an edit.
    Please respond if you have any resources to add !
    or other public-use facilities to visit.
  6. smp3 +vtc

    Villager trading center with 800 villagers.
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  7. SMP2: Thistle Do It - /v 3353.
    Selling rare spawn eggs and crops.
  8. Avast Ye matey's come get thy squid ink from the refurbished likeike12 squid farm on SMP3 rebuilt by yours truly. Glad to be back after 4 yrs :)
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  9. Check out my store on SMP9, I a adding a 2nd floor soon because I ran out of room with all the new stuff. I am just trying to figure out where to put everything.
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  10. Time to get your Freeze on everyone. Ice farm is now available on SMP 3 Wild West. Once at the outpost head SE. Easily yields 4 stacks of ice but does take time to recharge. Have fun!
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