[Resignation] Mojang has denied me permanently

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  1. Mojang has denied me access to both accounts. I have attempted to change my passwords and even the emails, everything I could do. No accounts let me log in anymore, and I can not gain any accesses to them. So with this message, I am sharing to the community that I know and love that I have to resign my jobs and titles. I'm very sorry to everyone who enjoyed having me around, and to those I have offended in my presence as well. I will not be returning onto the server itself but I shall stay on the forums in a hopeful attempt to keep the few friends I have. Thank you everyone for everything, all the experiences and times we had together. I keep you all in my prayers. I'll be on at a later time to talk too. Until then, Farewell everyone.
  2. Oh. Huh?
    Would you like to share what happened?
  3. Sorry to hear that :(

    Hopefully some time in the future you can get another account. Looking forward to seeing you on EMC again.
  4. Well, that sucks...
  5. You could always get a new account an new email an come back to the server.
  6. I'm not sure I quite follow here...

    But you can only change your password and e-mail address after you logged on.

    So to try and get this right: you can log onto the Mojang website but cannot log onto Minecraft? Because that should be relatively easily remedied. If you also cannot log onto the Mojang website then your story is a little mixed up I think.

    Hope you can let us know, because if your problem is Minecraft related then I'm sure I'll be able to send a dozen or so options your way to try and fix this.
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  7. I'm confused here. You said Mojang has locked you out of both accounts. Have you tried contacting them? Unless you are using your accounts in ways you shouldn't they aren't just going to take your accounts away. If you haven't already, I'd send them an email explaining your situation and ask them to help you solve it.
  8. Not everyone has $27 burning a hole in their pocket to buy a copy of a game they already bought.
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  9. I can not log into neither mojang or the game of minecraft. Prior to this I have changed the passwords and emails, and I know them by heart. I know my information is correct, I even have it written down I did not change it to anything bizarre I do or would not know. It simply would not let me log in. I will run a few retakes and try to see if I can get back in but for right now I have been denied access to the accounts. I have done nothing wrong with them, nor do I really feel like paying the 27-54 dollars to buy 1-2 more accounts to replace them. Especially knowing this could just happen again.
  10. I know Mojang is cracking down on hacked accounts. I'm not saying you hacked anything but if you bought the accounts at a discount from someone other than Mojang that could be the problem.
  11. I have both of my accounts from an old source, both are old accounts. They are fully legit though, they were both given to me generously and the information was never changed on them besides from me. I believe I have cracked the log in and got it working for at least one of them. Having difficulties with the other though, we'll see what happens. Thank you guys for all the help.
  12. Hope things work out for you Diamond.
  13. Same thing happened to me very recently. Suddenly my email wasn't valid, my username wasn't valid, my passwords were incorrect and I couldn't log in. I contacted Mojang and was told that I would have to find the initial email from when I bought my game and provide them with some sales code before they would or could do anything. I've owned my Minecraft account since the game came out...no way do I have any of that! I just kept trying and trying to log in and finally it just worked. Not really sure what went on but it's very annoying
  14. Send them an email. I did that when i had my account stolen from me. They unlocked it and reset the email address to the original one. Of course this is before microsoft bought mojang.
  15. Hope it gets better!
  16. I finally got into my actual account, I am back on the server with it. Everything is well. Turns out the alt I had, (which was given to me) was either stolen, hacked, or taken back without consent. I am back in action. Thank you everyone for all the support!
  17. i'm glad to hear you are back ! was about sad i was about to lose a friend in game, even if i still would've been able to talk to you on here. glad to hear you are back, dude.
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  18. Thank you John. Truly great to be back. Well, Back to work!
  19. Whew! Saw this just now and had a heart attack! Praise God that you could get back on, I'll see you in game when I get back from vacation, will be on the forums in the mean time :)
  20. Fantastic to hear. I'll see you when you return, I am back for good. Thank the lord.