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  1. I was on the server for a little over a week before I went on vacation for 13 days. The dereliction details page says that it takes 15 or more days for your residence to reset, is there a way I can get my res back? Or at least all the resources and stuff I had saved on it?
  2. If your residence isn't there any more, then it is gone. You will need to claim a new one. I can give you some stuff to help you start again if you want.
  3. Oh well. I'll be fine, thanks
  4. Be sure that you can do /p schwerin13 to see your info, and also do /res info to get information about your res.
    Voting counts as 'logging in' so if you cannot 'play', you have that option as well.

    See the Derelict Policy if you have additional questions.

    Good luck!
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  5. To add a bit more info: right now your derelict time is 30days, which is the default time. Well, 29 days & 19 hours at the time of writing.

    So all you'd have to do if you cannot play, like Highlancer suggested above, is to vote for the server. Only one vote every 30 days is enough to keep your residence safe.
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  6. I hope you'll get back up and going quickly! :)
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