Residence weather.

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  1. I was just wondering if we could have a weather thing where u can set rain/snow to be on/off on your residence, like the command would be /weather on/off

  2. This has been suggested a few times in the past by others and everyone seems to have different opinions on this idea. I for one would like to have it but the majority don't seem to want this.
  3. a better command would be /res set weather true.. it would be an extension to /res and wouldn't take much effort to add. Then again, people have their opinions
  4. I would love weather in town, but it is a heated topic.
  5. I wouldn't mind this, but as samsimx said, this has already been suggested and there are some that do not want this. Also, how would Aikar code this?
  6. I think aikar has said no to this before because it would cause unneeded lag.. might just be making things up, but hey.
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  7. Weather is just turned off in town, all he needs to do is type a command to turn it on
  8. But how would he do it for residences?
  9. According to the title they are suggesting that it be per res, which would probably be pretty difficult to program (idk) and would cause large amounts of lag.
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  10. That's what I was wondering.
  11. It would only create client side lag for slower computers, it's no stress to the server.
  12. Wait. Isn't weather off in town already? Oh wait, this is about turning it on :p Sure, if possible.
  13. a problem with this that I could see is that if it snows, the player could get free snow if they were in a snowy biome or built a platform high enough.