Residence Tagging!

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  1. Hello!

    We have a very useful new feature for everyone to use!

    We have added the ability to "Tag" your residence! This will enable other players to find your residence when they are looking for something specific!

    Have parkour on your residence? Simply type /res tag add parkour and then when someone types /v +parkour a random residence with the tag parkour will be selected.

    Other suggested tags: shop, mall, stonegen, maze, hotel

    We will improve this feature as time goes with even more tools to find useful tags, but for now its at a good point to start tagging and using!

    To remove a tag, type /res tag remove [tag] and to view all tags type /res tag list

  2. tag limits differ by supporter level:

    free: 2
    iron: 5
    gold: 10
    diamond: 20
  3. Awesome!

    EDIT: 1st! :D

    Edit2: Robbed by Aikar.. .-. lol
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  4. Yay
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  5. Second Fifth
    Seems awesome!
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  6. Epic. Third btw. Totally adding parkour potato to mine
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  7. 4th!

    EDIT: Awesome update... some people already have silly tags.... for example:

    /v +cake
    /v +Iron_Golem

    but there are normal ones too :p
    /v +mall
    (thats me :D)
    /v +shop

    Really cool update
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  8. Awesome!
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  9. Pretty Cool..
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  10. lol, come on guys, we know better :p
  11. I corrected mine immediatly :p
    Oh yeah.
    Domestic :p
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  12. But I actually said something lol
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  13. you guys cant count :p first!
  14. Will there be a punishment of some sort if somebody adds misleading flags to their residence(s)? I can see this happening quite a bit...
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  15. It's not going to happen at a frequency worthy of policing. We also don't want to be a police state...
  16. Okay, time to get on EMC. This sounds awesome: thanks!
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  17. I like this feature. I also like the availability to all member ranks.

    But for this post's reasoning, can anyone else not see this in the recently active threads? I definitely can't, I checked right after I made that first half :)
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  18. Second! And I love the new update, it is way more helpful! Thanks, Aikar!

    EDIT: Right as I posted, 2 people beat me here, so, nvm.
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  19. This is going to be great. :D
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