Residence Contest! Empire-Wide!

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  1. I am excited to be the host of the first EVER residence contest!

    The residence contest is a contest where any Empire Minecraft player can enter their residence(es) into my contest! Samsimx and I are the only ones with any relation to this contest, so do not trust anyone else! You will need to register with ME, though. Just so you all know, I am ehbaron123456789. I am going to accept in-game as well as outside-of-game registrations. I would prefer in-game, so I can see you. There is no fee to enter, so you can enter at your own risk!

    The Prizes:

    1st place: 10k rupees! A TON of money to spend on whatever you want!

    2nd place: 5k rupees! Not as much, but still a fine chunk!

    3rd place: 2.5k rupees! At least it's something!

    The following players are AWESOME for sponsoring us! If you would like to sponsor, just tell me!


    Please meet me about registration. I will need to know: Your Server and Your Res #.

    There are five (5) rounds in the event. Each round narrows the players down. At the last round, only five (5) players shall remain.

    The rounds are as follows:
    Preliminary round (everybody)

    Round 2 (player count is narrowed down)

    Round 3 (player count is narrowed to 10)

    Semi-Finals (player count is narrowed to 5)

    Finals (winner is decided)

    The two (2) judges, ehbaron123456789 (me) and samsimx will be traveling to the residences registered to judge them. We will announce the players that will be continuing to the next round sometime before the next round.

    The dates of the scheduled events are listed below.

    Registration Start: September 4th

    Registration End: September 24th

    Preliminary Round: September 26th

    2nd Round: September 28th

    3rd Round: September 30th

    Semi-Finals: October 2nd

    Finals: October 5th

    The results for each round will be posted on this thread.

    If you have any questions, please PM me. Do NOT post on this thread if you are not wishing to be a sponsor, or you are not a judge.

    Will have to pay 1k for name recognized as a sponser for the event.

    Please do not create or reset your res just for the contest, because we do not want you to waste your money unless you want to.

    I wish you all the best of luck!
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  3. can i be sponser?
  4. Sorry to tell you but your not the first....
  5. What do you mean why?
  6. Why am I not the first? Who created a contest?
  7. Cool contest!
  8. Lol look on the front page of emc and scroll down to other contests.....There is a contest currently for the best res of each week...
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  9. Btw..This is a nice contest!!!
  10. Want to register?
  11. This is a great contest!
    Can I enter paert of my res?
    The other parts are currently disposed of.
  12. Yes. I'm making a registration convo. Is there a max participants?
  13. I'm making one of those, but with awesome prizes!
    Do you want to register?
  14. You can still register for the EMC Res contest!
  15. I would like to enter SMP1 EMCASINO

    Server : SMP1

    Res: 1577

    Owner: Myself and PThagaard..

    Details: Its a 5 story Casino with advanced red stone contraptions, it took over 1.8 Million rupees to build and over 1200 man hours... (about 3 months) a dedicated test server where we fully built the casino first, we then replicated it across to smp1 manually...

    Below are some pictures from the build.. im honestly sad that the build is over, I have had great fun working with pthagaard, Kells , Spiffiey, and others on this project.. 2012-06-16_00.16.48.png 2012-06-20_17.29.19.png 2012-06-21_20.21.56.png
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  16. Here's some more pictures of the build...
    Making glass for the roof 2012-07-28_09.50.21.png

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  17. AC Inc. SMP2 Mall - 4005

    Server: SMP2

    Res: 4005

    Owner: AlexChance - me.



    2012-09-06_17.59.54.png 2012-09-06_18.00.18.png
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