Empire Weekly Residence Contest

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  1. Hello the reason why I haven't done another Empire Weekly was because I was super busy with life but now I have time so lets get on with the Weekly Contest

    Build an Epic thing on your res and take pictures of it then send it to
    Make sure to also include your Res Number and Server


    Make the Subject: Residence Contest Submission


    1st place : 2,000r
    2nd place: 1,250r
    3rd place: 1,000r
    4th place: 500r

    The Prizes will be higher if People donate to Empire Weekly by sending some Rupees at My Account.


    10,000r (10k is going to be spread out over 10 weeks)
    Alexchance 1,750r (Donate more if you want to Alex)
    (2,000r) http://prostarter.uk.tc/
  2. I cant do pics ATM so u know my restraunt right lol!
  3. lol
  4. I wont be sending things to your email, I dont like other people knowing my email.... They might send me junk I dont want.... :confused:

    But can I still enter Jean?
  5. Sure mail the pics to my house but wait...
    I will now the mailing adress.
    How about you PM me with the pics.
  6. How about I post them on this forums, my computer is stupid and won't let me post them in pm or on Image sharing sites. -.-
  7. ProStarter Will Donate 2,000r If We Get Advertising In This Thread And Through-out The Comp
  8. So You Have Joined Nole And Started Capitalizing Every Word.
  9. Sure gimme the 2k and I will advertise your thingy along with your logo
  10. deal

    EDIT: Done
  11. sure
  12. i dont always, sometimes i dont know why i do, ok? Is this becuase i critised your logo?
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  13. No haha. I was just trying to poor our the obvious and be funny. ( it failed )
  14. Failed like a blawk!

  15. I cant really post or email pictures ATM. I dont suppose you could go and look at it. /v jwlpo Smp3
  16. Did you notice I released Empire Weekly Interviews?
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  17. Hello there. So Far I have. Lets see. 1 entry D:
  18. 1 entry unless this gets done soon i will be withdrawing my 2k! and anyone who says
    then i can because i donated it to help Jeanzl2000 start this project, not for her/him to spend!