Residence Claiming Accident

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  1. Hey guys :(
    So something really sad happened. I was a diamond supporter until like last week, so I had four residences, one of which was behind firefloor, so of course this res had a special significance to me.

    Now I meant to move one of my other reses onto this one, so I meant to do /reset, but being stupid me I did /res unclaim. I didn't realize until after a second passed, and then the horror of what I did set it. I can't claim it anymore.

    Now I know there's probably nothing I can do to fix it, but having a slight glimmer of hope, I ask is there any way to recover it?
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  2. Wait, you lost your firefloor residence? Or you lost another residence?
  3. I am so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately there's not much you can do :/ if you'd like I can claim it with my alt and you can have it the next time you get supporter.
  4. Hi there, I've claimed it on my alt. You can shoot me a pm when you would like me to unclaim it so you can have it back. :)
  5. Well then, looks like someone's already got it.
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  6. I was gonna get it but Deniz (Dufne I guess) took it before I could make you not hate me.
  7. Well I guess you got really lucky there. If you unclaimed it and some one else claimed it, you'd be out of luck sorry to say. But we have some amazing members here that are nice enough to give it back :)
  8. Dang! You guys are so amazing! Like not even one guy offered, three of em did! BIG THANKS TO YOU DUFNE, SEAN AND HARO! imma get diamond supporter asap now, emc community you guys are great ;-; fr it kinda brings tears to my eyes, can't thank you enough!
  9. Well, you have a free res slot and someone could use it, so why not? I wasn't using it anyways XD
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  10. Can we please pin this thread for like 1 week or so to show off just how awesome this server and its community actually is? No? Figured. Then a small bump it is :)

    I so much enjoyed reading this thread, you guys are awesome!
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  11. Even though I didn't help with any of this, I am still glad you got it solved, I am happy to be a part of such a great community!
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  12. It's funny. The first thought I got while reading this was if I had my max res' or not in case someone else tried to claim your res for their own. Good thing it all worked out though. Sadly if someone wanted to keep it for their own I don't think there would be anything staff could do about it.
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  13. I got a gold voucher i am willing to let you have if that helps get it back
  14. I've already got it on my alt :p Currently waiting for Sal to get diamond again so he can claim it :)
  15. Ah, I love this! At first I did feel quite sad, but these people made the thread totally turn! :)
  16. I also have a gold voucher that can be used in combination with ChaoticFate's to give 1 month diamond.
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  17. You guys are amazing, thanks so much for the support yo :D
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  18. He said he's getting it on his own :p
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  19. At the moment I have 100k rupees, and am having an auction that will probably give me around 100k. So in total that's 200k, so I only need 150k more to get a dia voucher I think?
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  20. You'd need 140k to get a diamond voucher at 340k. Or, of course, you could accept the offers from the people above who have offered to give you gold ones and then combine them into diamond.
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