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  1. Hello!

    I'm looking for cool builds on EMC to use for my wallpaper contest entry I'm making. I'm unable to login for another month due to being away from home, so I'm looking for anyone that is interested in getting their build featured in the wallpaper.

    I'm looking for:

    - Epic builds on EMC
    - Could be a statue, an organization, or anything! I prefer not to feature malls, but if a mall looks really great then I could make an exception
    - Shaders preferred
    - Every picture submitted that I use in my wallpaper will receive 5,000 rupees each once I'm able to login (be sure to mention that to me in your PM if you want it)
    - 6-8 builds in total to feature
    - You must be willing to allow me to use your picture in my wallpaper, for pretty obvious reasons
    - If you are taking the picture, make sure you take it while in F1 mode so that your HUD isn't showing in the picture.

    I'm also looking for a high quality, shaders screenshot of the town or wilderness spawn. You would need to either download the world or find a clean area of the wild spawn to take this picture. Willing to pay up to 10k for this.

    You don't necessarily need to be the builder or even the one that takes the picture, you could just find a nice picture already on the forums somewhere and link me to it.

    NOTE - I highly prefer high quality texture packs based off of Faithful, so this means R3D or even Faithful itself. At the same time, I also don't want any packs similar to OCD or overly realistic packs like John Smith. Using the default x16 crap will pretty much guarantee me not using your picture. This is a high quality wallpaper and x16 will look terrible :p

    Please pm me right over here if you would be willing to submit a nice build :)
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  2. Bump need some pictures taken!
  3. Bump need about 5 more.
  4. I'd love to use it if you could get a picture from the front (as symmetrical as possible) and took the picture during day (roughly /time set 3000).

    Still looking for a centered and shaders picture of town spawn :)
  5. Hey shoot me a pm, I'll set you up
  6. PM has been shot
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  7. I can take some of my res for you, I have a 7 story tower on SMP9. It's all quartz and white stained glass. Here are some teasers, it's basically done now, as far as the exterior goes. If you're interested PM me.

    EDIT: Not sure why there's so many spoilers.... Pics are in the last one

  8. Wouldn't that technically be stealing? I know they give you permission, but the contest says do not steal other peoples work, and use your own?
  9. steal /st─ôl/
    1. Take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it.
    Notice the "without permission" portion of the definition, which would render your statement contradictory. Move along now ;)
    I think I have enough builds for now, just looking for a nice centered shaders shot of town spawn if you or anyone else would be willing to do. Thanks though! :)
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  10. Feel free to check out my signature below. I have a few pictures of the 24 red event build on the links below. I'd love if you chose to put my build on your wallpaper ^.^
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  11. I don't see the pictures, feel free to drop them on this thread.
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  12. Thanks, but the pictures need to contain the entire structure or at least the subject. I need to be able to crop around the picture to get just the build and nothing else. Inside pictures or pictures where the build takes up the entire screen from edge to edge won't work.
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  13. does this work?

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  14. No the grass is covering up part of the build.
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  15. Gotcha, sorry about that. Unfortunately I won't be able to send the whole event build but I do have a museum I can submit. I'll take a screenshot tomorrow and send it if you'd like
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  16. Tomvanwijnen and I are planning to build this, or, we're quite sure the part of it seen here will be build, there's only something on top of it we don't like jet...

    okay, this is the roof of an future mall, but I think that the fact that we actually did do evrything exept for the roof is enough to say :)

    even more shameless advertizement:
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  17. I've got all the builds lined up that I need guys so I don't need any more (but thank you). I just need the centered shots of town spawn, so if anyone is able to world download spawn and cut out the rest so that's all there is and send me a picture that would be appreciated :)
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