Rent A Shulker Box?

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  1. I don't really know if this is a thing, but i'm building an iron farm and I got like 3dcs worth of stuff I need to move like 5k blocks I was wondering if I could rent some shulker boxes for like a few hours just to make the trip out there i'd pay but like considering it's not a huge deal to lend me like a few of them for a little bit probably not a ton, i'd also give you access to the farm when its finished so just lemme know how much you think its worth and ill probably be down!
    (also if I die and lose them ill pay you for them at like 4k a box)
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  2. i can borow you some free of charge
  3. Use an enderchest to store the shulkers in case you die
  4. Nope ;)

    Hmm... Let's see.

    A shulker box sells for about 3 - 5k (I think). Let's say 3k. If I'd rent you 3 I'd obviously need some insurance (bail?) so let's say 3k + 3k (2x 1.5k) = 6k. This is money you'd pay me as insurance, and after the boxes are returned I'd refund this.

    Then there's the rental costs ;) I charge around 100r per day (in-game). so that should be no issue :p

    However... time zones are a thing on the Empire. Those folks on SMp8 seem to be asleep around times where we at SMP2 are very active. So I'll need to hire a consultant to check up on your server to see if the timezones aren't messed up. That'll be 250r extra (one time payment only).

    Next stop: transport costs. I need to store them in my vault and even though I have around 60 (? I seriously don't know) vault pages it's the principle which counts here: 10r :D

    Unfortunately there's also the issue of taxes. Shulker taxes are no joke, because you need to import stuff from another dimension (End => Overworld) and there are some safety concerns there from time to time (darn endermen). I believe Shulker tax is about 6% whereas End tax is around 21%.

    Oh wait! I forgot about Creeper insurance :D Do you have a creeper insurance policy? If not you should ask Uber_Corq for one, but unfortunately it'd also mean I'd have to charge another 250k due to the risk for explosions ;)

    Let's see... so that's...

    3 days rent (100/day) : .... 300r
    Consultancy fee: ............. 250r
    Transportation costs: ...... 10r
    Creeper insurance: .......... 250,000r +


    + 6% Shulker tax 15,033r
    + 21% End tax 52,618r +

    Grand total: 318,211r

    Quite a bargain, right? :confused:

    How about I just give you 2 Shulker boxes instead? All this math is making my head spin :D Expect /mail to come in later this evening.

    (edit (Sunday 19th): And sent! Sorry for taking longer than expected.)
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  5. too late :p already gave him some
  6. What do you mean too late? ;) you can never have enough shulker boxes! :p

    (edit): Oh wait, or does this mean I can sent YOU the bill? Cool!! :D

    <runs like crazy> ;)
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  7. I was wondering if you'd dare go this far with a member you didn't know - you did. :D
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