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  1. I recently got the idea to do an interactive story for my favorite
    community of people. What this means is you will be able to
    influence how this story goes!
    Now to do this I will be using Google Docs, because I can not have a
    poll since I will need it multiple times. Here's the link for the current question:

    These chapters will be short, to allow for maximum participation by you :D
    I also wish to attach a song for each chapter. They will be EDM, so you have been warned!

    Chapter One Song:

    Chapter 1

    Secrets have killed more than anyone person will ever be aware of. No one person does not have a secret. And not a single man has more than Kevin Harris. Kevin is not a soldier, or a "secret agent". He's just an ordinary 15 year old teenager. He has no idea that the most he is probably the single most dangerous person on the planet of Earth. Yes, I did say that as if I meant that there were several more inhabited planets. Because there are. Kevin really isn't an actual human. He's an Angel.
    Not one that is all holy and righteous. One that fights the darkness as a tangible thing. One that can exterminate an entire town in under 20 minutes. These are beings who strive to bring Justice down on Evil. To purge it from the existence of the universe. People do not believe that evil is a tangible thing that you can touch and you can breathe. This Evil can consume even the best of people in moments. No one is safe from it. And no one can fight it. No one except the Angels.

    ----Chapter 2----

    Evil has a peculiar way of showing itself. In some it will take the form of actions. In others, words. But most of the time, even if we do not see it, Evil chooses physical form. And does the universe injustice in that way. Killing is as normal to Evil as eating is to us. Our world has seen its fair share of pronounced Evil. From the beings warping our own minds to do twisted acts, to Evil becoming a person to lead thousands in destructive conquests. The enjoy pain and suffering and take pleasure in the fact few can stop them. And one of those few are the Angels.

    ----Chapter 3----

    Two beings that had not stirred in a decade, were waking... Which some feared could mean that it would shift the balance of the War in Evil's favor. These beings were some of the darkest, most foul entities to ever walk the Universe. They ate worlds. Quite literally. They sucked all the good, hope, joy, and free thought out of planets. They were quite simply known as Distrug─âtors. This meant Destroyer in Romanian, which was the universal language. They were rising to join several others in a progression towards a planet... one known as Earth.
    ----Chapter 4----

    Kevin ran through the forest, not looking back as he dodged the flying projectiles coming at him. He felt an impact on his shoulder. A sharp pain took over his brain, but only for a moment. Kevin threw up his arms and and called "OUT". The impact he felt was nothing more than an orange paintball. Kevin had some friends over at his house in Milwaukee, playing paintball in his backyard woods.
    "Good shot, Max!" Kevin called out. Max Allen was Kevin's lifelong friend. The two had known each other since first grade, and now they were sophomores in high school. Max was 5 feet 11 inches and was about average build, with red hair that showed his Irish heritage. Kevin was 6 feet 2 inches tall while of a slimmer build. He had blonde hair that was always in a mess, but well known throughout South Division High School. He always had a reason for everything, but wasn't as popular among the students. He had a few friends, all of whom he liked very much. "Next time, Jack I'll get you in." Kevin called to his friend Jack Welcome. Jack had been sidelined due to his broken arm and was unable to play. Kevin, Max, Jack and the other few that had come started to wander to their various vehicles. In the distance a dark... thing seemed to take interest in the group before uttering some sort of noise, and gliding off into the woods...
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  2. So is this all orginial or are you finding this somewhere? Seems like a cool idea.
    Also, I don't seem to be able to do anything in the Google Docs. Are we suppose to type our answers here?
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  3. Interactive stories have been around for awhile. But the story plot is original :)
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  4. I realize the interactive part isn't new, I was more talking about the story. That's pretty cool that the plot is original though. Also, see my edit above ^^^
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  5. What is the problem with the form?
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  6. Google docs is messed up.

    Really cool idea, will be following the story frequently. Nice music too.
  7. Yeah we aren't able to add anything. Pretty neat though, so I hope you can figure it out.
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  8. I figured out the problem try now :)
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  9. Still doesn't work... Ask some others first though.
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  10. Thanks to Hash98 I have fixed it :D
  11. I need more replies for me to go on people!
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  12. How many replies have you gotten?
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  13. 2
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  14. Ouch... So me and?
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  15. Now three! You, Xxandster700xX and Hash98
  16. Neat idea, ill get on the google docs.
  17. We've been Equinoxed...
    Is it possible to see how many likes you given out Equinox XD
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  18. Yessssss.... I wonder...
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  19. Wouldn't matter, because the number keeps on changing, but I would say over 9,000 :p
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  20. XD You know how many 9,000 is right? You should ask a mod if it's possible to find out.
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