Remembering MrSocks75

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  1. Community, I come to you with a heavy heart and some very unfortunate news. Please, out of respect, have this song playing in the background as you read the thread.

    It all started when B4DMAN5IMON was working on a little project of his on Stage. MrSocks75, Aphaea, and I came over to check out his progress, but all this really did was distract him. A few minutes later, I was in survival mode with full diamond armour, a diamond sword, and the nausea effect, surrounded by zombies, skeletons, and, later, zombie pigmen, all spawned in by Simon. I fought my way through, and eventually came out victorious.

    Next up was Aphaea. Same gear, engulfed in zombie pigmen, she swung her sword wildly yet majestically, fending off wave after wave of the things. Let's, uh.. let's just say she survived, for the purpose of this thread. :p

    Then it was MrSocks75's turn.

    He started out with better armour, with some enchantments, so we all thought he'd have no problem. Maybe this led to stronger enemies, or more of them. Maybe Simon overestimated how big of an increase in difficulty this should warrant.

    He was a fighter. He gave it his all, and when he knew he needed to heal up, he ran like the Devil himself was chasing him. We just didn't know at the time that he really was.

    The zombie pigman swarm became just too big to handle. Once the proverbial pigman that broke the camel's back was summoned, it was simply too late for our dearly departed.

    This is the last known photograph of MrSocks75, taken mere moments before his untimely demise:

    You were too young, MrSocks75! No, I mean, you were seriously too young on EMC to join the staff team, don't you guys think? ;)

    Now let's all take a moment to reflect on the good times, share our fond memories of our friend, campaign for his now-open position on the staff team, and spam his profile with nonsensical "Rest in Peace" messages. I am deeply sorry to all of you to whom he owed money, and also his friends and family, I guess.

    We will all surely miss him, unlike the pigmen did.

    RIP in peace, MrSocks; RIP in peace.
  2. Rest in socks, MrSocks.
  3. "And what of Socks, Captain?"
    "He drinks damnation."
  4. RIP in pieces...
  5. R.I.P infact you probably rest in lots of peices
  6. Silly people. He rests in socks.
  7. Lets hope his socks were not damaged whilst dying
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  8. We can only pray :(
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  9. Rest in socks, MrPeace...
    Can i hav ur rupes?
  10. Rest In Paradise MrSocks75
  11. I don't think I get it... did he die or what?
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  12. I thought they were actually,,, working on stuff all those.. hundreds of hours on stage?

    (Btw, I think this is like the 1 of 2 public photos on stage :p)
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  13. Wearing the socks he does, how can he rest in piece at anytime. :p
  14. The socks! The tragedy... :eek:
  15. Oh my god he has risen from the dead! He is on stage!
  16. nooooooo :(
    i never dared to tell him i loved him :'(
  17. My heart goes out to Mr Ocks75 who has lost his loving wife, RIP Mrs Ocks75.:(
  18. Couldn't he have just teleported out?
  19. So before the rumors get out, they are all true!

    I am at war with the DuckClan!

    MrSocks, Aphaea, and Uber were part of an advance hit squad sent to take me out before I knew what was coming,

    but luckily my clone army was able to fend them off! It did however cost the dearly departed his life.

    But fear not fair Empirians (or do fear as it may be!) for using my Wizardly powers I have managed to resurrect our moderator friend using DNA found in his DirtSock draw!
    With some cleaver brain transmution magics I have also been able to remove the lies fed to him by the evil duck overlords, but at present have not yet managed to implant the truth about the glory of the Wizard race.