Remember the Day: 9/11

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Did you see these events?

Yes 13 vote(s) 36.1%
No 23 vote(s) 63.9%
  1. 9/11I hate to bring up negative feelings, but this is the day. Nine-Eleven. Two simple words, yet a true horrific meaning. Everyone in the United States knows and feels this day. If you don’t know what happened on this day, here’s the pain everyone shared across the world. The worst attack on the United States in history. Over 3,000 children lost one of their parents.
    On September 11, 2001, four airlines were hijacked and crashed into different areas of the U.S. Over 3,000 people were killed in these suicide attacks, crushing the nation and the world. Millions of people watched these horrible events on local news.

    8:45 AM- The first plane crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. The crash destroyed the 80th floor of the 110 skyscraper, instantly killing people and causing panic. Everyone didn’t know what happened.

    9:03 AM- The second plane crashed into the south tower, also destroying a bunch of floors, trapping the people above. The explosion was massive, and the people of New York City were still shocked.

    9:45 AM- Like anything could get any worse, another plane crashed into the Pentagon, military headquarters. More people were killed. Even the helpless people on the airline, watched as they rode the missile of death.

    9:52 AM- 50 minutes after the second flight crashed, the south tower collapsed, leaving clouds of smoke and fire.

    10:10 AM- This story was even sadder. The final, fourth flight from New Jersey, was hijacked and was headed to an unknown destination. The passengers knew their fate: death. They fought the four hijackers and tried to control the plane again. Unfortunately, that was the end. The plane crashed and flipped over in Pennsylvania.

    10:30 AM- The north tower collapsed, killing even more people trying to escape. Firefighters and police also suffered tremendous death counts. 10,000 people were treated for severe injuries.

    Everyone here on emc, all around the world. Lets all join and remember this tragic day. :(
    From the Memorial Event:
  2. I would like to add, 343 firefighters lost their lives, also, several dozen port authority and NYPD officers lost their lives.
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  4. I remember. I was off work that day. Someone phone me to tell me to turn on the news. Only the first tower had been hit at this point. There was confusion about how such an accident could have occurred, or the possibility of it being intentional. The news feeds were live and as the 2nd plane came into view & crashed into the other tower... Everyone instantly KNEW we were under ATTACK. Then more crashes were reported. But the most horrific moments were actually watching those sky scrapers come crumbling down.

    The most amazing and brave men & women I've ever seen were on my screen that day. Those police & firefighters that headed straight into that iminant danger to try to help just one more.
  5. Though I was not born yet, my mother was off work that day. She happened to have an interview that day, but her entire office was crumbled underneath the WTC.

    So many brave mean and women had lost their lives that day, and it certainly is something that everyone should keep in mind.
  6. I voted 'no', but I actually saw a clip in Chemistry class.
  7. I believe they meant "did you see it live" or something to that effect. At least that's how I interpreted it.

    Edit: Chemestry? Really?
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  8. "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it" - Edmond Burke
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  9. In the local news, they said "that was the event that sparked the "war on terror", that lasts since then and continues today." - unfortunately, this is not history yet.

    For whoever participates and in any way contributes to terror and suffering - I think that it is a (rather) natural thing what the Bible says - that the punishment will be brought down upon their children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren for several generations - no matter whether and what god they believe in.

    Violence provokes more violence, no matter in what form it is and how it is packaged.
    Fighting terror with terror and wars is not a good way.
    The way out is to stop the violence and respect others feelings, needs and (basic) human rights.
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  10. See Exodus 21: 24-25
  11. I was not alive then but my mother was. She said she was called and told the news so she went to pick up her siblings from school and she had to show her identity so they knew she wasn't a terrorist or something. The scary part was that if my grandpa hadn't of been late to work that day, there would of been a chance of him dying.
  12. Yeah, that's why I voted 'no'.
    Yeah, Chemistry, there was an explosion I think, which was caused by some sort of chemical reaction.
    I'd rather not have seen it.
  13. It was actually the jet fuel exploding, since the planes crashed, causing the fuel to leak into the fire.
  14. Yeah, that was it, if I recall correctly. It was quite some time ago our teacher showed it.
  15. I wasnt born yet but ive heard countless stories of the day my heart goes out to all the families who last a family member that terrible day
  16. One of my mom's good friends lost her life through this attack. :( As my status said, my prayers go out to everyone who was impacted by this event. <3

    EDIT: I also just remembered that my friend's dad was working in the pentagon and his office was where it got crashed into, but fortunately he had a meeting that was in a different part of the building. If not for that meeting, he would've gotten killed or injured.
  17. Jet fuel can't explode.
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  18. Probably how jet fuel can't melt steel beams
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