[Religous thread] AMEN!

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  1. Mk JTC now that we have this thread lets keep all of the songs and such in this thread. This is a very good solution, and if anyone comes to be negative I expect the mods to temp ban them from the fourms for breaking the rules. Btw I really like the song, great way to start off this thread.
  2. This song is good, even though I am not religious. I think that this thread will not end up like the other thread you made xD
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  4. I see that like Terry. I saw your post on the other thread, glad you didnt just sit in the corner quietly but you actually said something while not starting a flame war :D
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  5. I tried that but it said it couldnt do it. I copied the video url from youtube and everything. And ya I understand. Thanks for not being mean.
  6. Had to delete my post cause it's the exact same as yours Daxter :DD
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  7. My church choir did this one a while back. I like Chris Tomlin.

  8. *Should be called Jesus Music Thread :)
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  9. Ya but we already have this one made. And I plan on talking about other things in here too. Think of it like a safe haven to get encouragement.
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  10. Thread to go when feeling low! :D
  11. Golfer!?!? You too? Wow this is more than I thought would be on EMC
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  12. That is the same song as one thing remains.... LOL xD
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  13. :) Good thing, too :) we need more Christ on the internet, and, in general, in our everyday lives more :)
  14. Amen, I think I really needed this whole ordeal today to get me back on track.