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  1. So, as many have noticed, EMC has been experiencing many attempted hacks. Some "respected" players have been acting up. We have PThagaard, MR2R2M, and roblikescake, just for example. This thread is to debunk rumors, and encourage more playtime and enjoyability on EMC.

    Just because there have been some old members using illegal mods, hating ON the mods, means nothing. EMC is still EMC.

    Regarding Max's and Eye-Car's promotion: There has been many sparks of outrage over these, but why? These are 2 honestly deserving people, who work hard to keep EMC great. Why SHOULDN'T these 2 people get it? Many have said it is because of the Dating and Engagement. This is honestly, NOT true. They met over moderation, and fell in love. *Silent Congrats* And, finally, a quote from Max "Think about it this way, Aikar is Justins helper, and I am IcecreamCows helper" Not exact, but close.

    Regarding Bans of "Trustworthy" people: Roblikescake is what I and ICC like to call a troll. He was supposedly "nice" and "awesome", but that was just toying with you. I admit, I liked him too, I thought he was good guy, but you never know. He lied, and cheated us. We must learn to accept that. Pthagaard was respected member, one who was like throughout the community, and a good friend. He created a thread regarding "sin-free" Minecraft. and his apologies. Then he went crazy, attacking mods, generally, causing a nuisance. He was given a chance to keep his EMCasino account, but still did more. NEVER accept anything, with downloads, or sites from roblikescake or an alt, i.e. KingofKraft13, annatexas, antoniolovex13. Block him from Skype immediately.

    Regarding the Playability and Reputation of EMC: Why shouldn't you keep playing? EMC's reputation may have been bad-mouthed by former members, and some "veteran" members have been leaving, but SO MANY leave every day! They are attempting to maybe create sympathy, but it is not a big deal in general. EMC get's so many people every day, more than the amount that leave. We still have many members, me, Jack, PIG, Alex, and so many more. EMC may not be what it used to be, or what people expect, but it's the best one can get. Enjoy it while you can.

    One final thing: Wait for it, and EMC will become BETTER than it used to be, better than it ever was! We have an amazing staff at our side, helping get through this. Wait, and good things will come.

    EMC is awesome, hackers suck. <3

    -Yank, your favorite 12 year-old.
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  2. Hopefully this came out the way I wanted it to :) I even used Jack's "important thread" text!
  3. I 100% agree. Just to add something, if you have been invited into conversations started by Anaatexas, KingofKraft13 or his other alt, leave it immediately also. :)
  4. That's what I meant by alt, ket me add it in :)
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  5. Why???
  6. What happen to MR2 and Roblikescake?
  7. I think I sold a wild camp to KingofKraft13, but he said it didn't work out, and now hes banned, as I take it it, so I guess the camp is mine again...
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  8. From what I have read from the conversation I was in, KingofKraft13 gave his password to AnnaTexas and gave it to Roblikescake and he is sending about everyone private conversations saying "add roblikescake on skype, he has information that will shock the wolrd" an it is actually sending your computer a virus.
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  9. Rob was banned, he's a troll who enjoys hacking people, and MR2 is only a temp, he was using illegal mods.
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  10. I feel betrayed, I dont know who to trust now.
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  11. Me, because a VOTE for Legit, is a vote for trust.
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  12. :O I actually used to like rob and mr2 and king ... i never knew any of them were banned ... i though rob left cause he had like college or something ... king was on a different server, and mr2 was just temporary away or something ... never knew that
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  13. I'll give everyone pie if you do or don't for me. :D
  14. Rob was supposed to be going into the Air Force. Also if you /p MR2R2M he's temp banned right now and comes back in a couple days/hours.
  15. ^ What she said.
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  16. People actually notice I do that? >.<

    Anyway, wise words here - I agree with everything said. :)
  17. The only easy day was yesterday. As long as we keep enjoying EMC, theres nothing the trolls can do! They can go enjoy playing Single Player...
  18. I will say this. I'm surprised it took THIS long for something like this to happen on EMC to be honest. When we used to run OBAM and then GameKrib before EMC existed, things like this happened all the time and much sooner in it's life. When you're a strong growing community, this WILL happen. It attracts trolls, cheaters, and bad people. We just gotta make sure we're able to keep them at bay (as we have been) and let them get bored after they realize how silly they look.

    I promise this will happen again in the future, and we'll be just as ready to deal with it then too. It's just one of those "things" being good comes with. :)
  19. What did rob do?
  20. Attempted (and in some cases succeeded) at hacking accounts by distributing a virus.
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