Refound this server after 5 years!

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm Natfan. I joined the server in October 2011. At the time I was ~12. I quit in about 2012, where I found (another server), later to be the (another server). I started being in that community more than this one, and eventually got staff on a few gamemodes. I came back here for a brief spell about a year ago, but my plot had been deleted, probably due to inactivity.

    Anyways, I remember some people who I made friends with on here, are they still around?
    • JackBiggin
    • Hash98
    • Eclipsys
    • maxy969
    Anyone who remembers me, which I doubt very much, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM and say "Hi"!
    Also, what's been going on with the server? Justin doesn't own the server anymore, does he?
    Sorry for all the questions, just getting a bit of nostalgia.
  2. I've removed the server names you mentioned. Welcome back!

    JackBiggin, our resident green hamster, is still kicking.
    Hash I haven't seen personally in a while.
    Eclipsys is still creating awesome builds.
    I do not know maxy so I can't give status on them.

    Justin sold the server to one of the developers, Aikar who has owned it since and has his own developer team now.
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  3. Welcome back! It's always good to see veteran players return and make a comeback. :)
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  4. Hi welcome back what server do u live on

  5. I currently live on SMP1, I got 1604 as my old residence was 1606.
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  6. :D

  7. Alrighty, I'll keep talk of other servers to a minimum.

    Glad to see that 2 out of the 3 that you know are still around; that's dedication.
    Alrighty. In your opinion, is Aikar a good Owner? From what I can recall, Justin was fantastic.
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  8. Aikar is fantastic as well, but I'll have to let you be the final judge on that. Both men are exceptional for sure.
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  9. dad
    dad you came back
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  10. Smp1 a good place just know u can visit me on smp7
  11. Someone who has been here longer than me by 3 days :eek:. Welcome back although I wasn't active enough to remember you.
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  12. Welcome back!;)
  13. Welcome back to the Empire! Always nice to see old members come back :)
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  14. Welcome back Natfan! Awesome to see an old player to get back! I'm pretty old as well and I would love to talk old memories with you!
  15. Welcome back! Hope to meet you around :D
  16. Welcome back to the Empire! *hugs you*
  17. Hi Natfan. Welcome back. You left before I started, but it is good to see old players returning.. ;)
  18. Welcome back to the Empire minecraft :)
    I think I recognize your name somehow, I don't know exactly who you are, but I think that the person you might know as Damianf8 still does :) (or how to spell that) *waits for Tomvanwijnen*
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  19. Welcome back!

    You can always /p their name to see if they've been on recently.
  20. Welcome back! Hopefully you enjoy your time and make new friends!
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