Redstone Help Needed *Reward*

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  1. Hi everyone, as you may or may not know I am building a Staff Museum (Featuring Staff and Retired Staff). I expect to start construction when school ends (I will have a separate thread for construction blah blah)....

    I got an idea to use the new armor stands in the build, and then highlancer gave me the greatest idea... a pop-up armor stand staff museum. I started fiddling with designs and found one I liked that is very compact (4x2x6). However, the button is located on the underside of the contraptions whereas I would like it up above.

    The below spoiler is screenshots, if you can find how to get the button to any of those wood buttons in a still compact matter. I will issue a 10,000 Rupee bounty on this solution.

    2015-05-17_15.53.15.png 2015-05-17_15.53.23.png 2015-05-17_15.53.28.png 2015-05-17_15.55.01.png

    Thanks guys!

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  2. Hm, moving from the bottom to the sides should be relatively easy, depending on total space of course. Might need one block to the front. Still, when looking at this whole design (still studying it) I also can't help wonder if it couldn't be a little bit smaller. But that might be wishful thinking on my end.
  3. It might be, I was looking at the top 3 designs on youtube and this one looked the most promising. In the video he has the button up top... but doesnt show how to get it there.
  4. Well, one way to find out I suppose. I'll get to creative in a few moments, rebuild it and will let you know 8)

    I can't be bothered with a reward though :D
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  5. If you have to expand the platform or place it anywhere else inside the box I can live with that too. I just want people to access it easily when this becomes a reality on EMC.
  6. I'm really bad at redstone... So good luck with your project. If you need armor stands I can donate some :)
  7. I can do this job :)
  8. Done. I do stand corrected on my previous "might be possible even smaller" comment though. But alas:

    So basically a small column which goes one block "towards you" but it can be kept underground (invisible). This isn't the best setup, only made this to show you what I have in mind. Because the block with the button on it has a "high charge" I can even pick the charge up right from underneath it (so no "side blocks" needed) but that depends on the location. For the one shown here that will probably interfere with the build. Anyway, you do need a little space to move the signal down. In these cases it becomes unfortunate that slabs only go up and not down ;)

    Just poke me when you're online and we can make this happen in your build too (or perhaps this gave you a good idea already?)
  9. OMG i did same thing and it worked xD
  10. Why do you think I said that I couldn't be bothered with a reward? IMO this is way too easy :cool:
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  11. That redstone beside the button, is there any way to make that not shown? (I dont want any redstone shown in the build if possible.
  12. Yah, we can move that to the bottom. In fact, that might be the most optimal setup. Lemme make some quick edits here 8)
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  13. Like so for example:

    This requires one extra block towards the side and one to the front, but the whole thing can stay hidden. You can't place a corner block here (it would cut off the signal) but a wall is easily doable:

  14. 2015-05-17_18.38.00.png 2015-05-17_18.38.09.png

    I got both button placements I have right there to work with the layout you gave me. I do not know why I was trying to complicate it so much before. I will contact you if I have any more redstone helps.

    You dont want the reward so I am gonna give you something cooler. Check you inbox next time you log on.

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  15. This is awesome :eek:
    Just had to say that xD!
  16. Just an idea....what about a pressure plate instead of a button?
  17. The user would only get a glimpse of the moderator unless they stay standing on it. Also I want the staff member to start on the bottom and then "pop" out, which I do not think can happen with the pressure plate unless I invert the signal somehow. Im no redstone genius though as you can see in this thread.... hehe.
  18. Not quite, the plate would basically behave the same as the button. So it would also function as a toggle. However, there is some risk here (IMO) because it could get easily spammed, even unintentionally. A button is something you really need to press to activate it and you can't do that by accident.
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  19. Is the downward current the challenge? If so, why not put a button in the floor, powering a sticky piston, pushing a redstone block?
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  20. I need to test that... it might even be more compact.