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What do you think?

Submitting a contraption 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Teaching and submitting 3 vote(s) 15.0%
I will attend for sure! 14 vote(s) 70.0%
Redstone isn't my thing... 7 vote(s) 35.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.

  1. The idea started last summer. Ismooch and deathtomb both helped me attempt to get this to work. The planning failed after no one built the spots. I posted a thread about a 2.0 redstone expo but it quickly died. Search redstone expo and you will likely be able to find these. I have learned from the mistakes of the past ones and am trying again.

    Welcome to the official redstone expo thread. All information regarding it will be posted here. the expo will be hosted on my res on smp1.
    What is it?
    The redstone expo is place for all Minecraft players to show off and learn. Players will be able to rent a booth in the expo and build a redstone creation. These players will be able to show off their skills to others who will be able to come in and enjoy the creations that were made. There will also be live redstone classes that will feature demonstrations and teach you how to become a redstone master yourself. To sum it all up
    • Redstone masters can show off their creations and teach classes if they want
    • Other players can see the amazing creations and learn at interactive classes
    This won't only happen in game. There will be a discussion thread for players to talk about what is going on. Videos of the contraptions will also be posted. You do not need to be present for the whole expo.
    How do I become a part of this?
    There are many ways to be a part of this.
    • Build a contraption for the expo
    • Teach lessons
    • film and edit videos of the expo
    • Come and check it out
    Donations are NOT necessary for this project. I will gladly accept them although I will be fine without any.
    Fill these out for whatever you want:
    Submit a contraption
    Brief description of creation:
    Size of plot: (10x10x10 is optimal)
    Time when you would be able to build:
    *understand that there is a 3k fee for builders. This fee takes the place of donations. If you are financially troubled, vote for EMC and you will have the 3k in 3-5 days.

    Video maker:
    Youtube account:
    Best previous work:
    *there will only be one of these

    Please submit a contraption form with this. You must have a creation in the expo to teach.
    Simply add that you want to teach to your submission. I will contact you with more questions. You will only have to pay 1k for your submission.

    The building that the expo takes place in uses a octagonal design. The design is very stackable and will be adjusted/built as the need for more emerges.

    1. Get submissions and build
    2. Host the expo
    3. ???
    4. Enjoy!

    Have any question/comment? post them below. This will occur sometime in July.
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  2. nice! sounds cool. :) (first comment!) sounds like something for ninjabee2000...
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  3. I would love to participate in the expo as a video maker I got a youtube channel with 101 beebros (AKA i call subscribers) you should check it out ,also I do a good decent job at editing L:

    My channel:
  4. Thanks. The redstone videoing will be more of a showcase as apposed to a lets play so it would be a little different than what you are used to. Do you still want to do it?

    Build status: clearing the land and starting to build. Redstone devises are still needed.
  5. Yea no problem I have some experience doing minecraft mod reviews by the way what times do you want me to record the expo I live in central time
  6. Ah, I remember this. If anyone doesn't want to pay the 3k, I'll pay it for them, I think this can be great if it goes well :)
  7. I want to be in this, it sounds cool!
    Description: A basic combination lock thingy. You have to flip the levers in the right order for anything to happen.
    Size of plot: 15x15 works. (The actual size of the contraption is 11x11, but that would leave no room for people to walk around and look at it)
    Time I can build: Any time between 12:00 pm and 9:00 pm.
    I know about the fee.

    Was this supposed to be sent in a PM?
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  8. Thanks for the submission. I can probably get you to build today although I need to at least mostly get the room for you done.
    That is great. I will send you a pm with more details.
  9. I can also do this on later dates if you don't think you can get this ready today.
  10. I have a place for you to build ready now if you can get on.
  11. Okay. I also have something to test. It can have it's own display case. (It needs at least a 3x4 space).
  12. As long as it all fits then you are fine.
  13. Silverman has built his creation. Move has been turned off for those who aren't building. At the start of the expo players will be able to come in.
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  14. bump time
  15. Sounds, cool. Hope it takes off unlike the 1st one....
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  16. I hope so to. I trying to get people to build as they apply so the problems that plagued the original won't happen again.
  17. Hey I would love to be part of this :) I'm not good at building but I am great at video editing.

    Video maker:
    Youtube account: Thesambish20
    Best previous work: I currently don't publish any of my work as it's mostly just private. But I can assure that you will be getting a high quality video full of effects :)
  18. I have ninjabee videoing, but if you can send me some sort of thing you made, I may let you help edit the videos.
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  20. Ok :) Could I see some of his work?