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  1. So, I spent some time fiddling with redstone, and I decided to do a little something =D. This "little something took me about 3 hours, and was created in my redstone testing world. When I flick the lever, all of the lights will turn on. It was really simple, just had to make it compact.

    Redstone off:

    Redstone on:

    The redstone!

    And who knows, maybe in the future I'll do a tutorial!
  2. I understand That you think That that's cool :p
    But... Lets be honest, it's a four-Hours jop to make an 1 redstone lamp = 1 pixel touchscreen... So I don't think That makeing something Like That is real special... (You did even make some mistakes, it can be smaller) (or Mabey I'm the one who's doing way to much redstone...)

    EDIT: I argee with ShelLuser at post #6 :D
  3. Rude.
    Very nice display, like the letters you made.
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  4. Not rude, it is Jelle's opinion and it is possible TJ can improve it to what jelle said, compact. And nothing is special these days...
  5. I made a similar display just a while ago about twice as compact, try and use redstone torchs instead of excessive redstone dust.
  6. Well, you're all right here. Thing is: what may seem normal to some is pretty special to someone else, that's the thing you should keep in mind here.

    Looks really nice Crazy! any plans on building something like this on your EMC residence(s) sometime? :)
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  7. Awesome job! It looks great! I look forward to seeing the tutorial if you decide to make it.