Red messages in waste

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  1. I got a weird message that popped up and said there was a strange presence nearby. Had one earlier that said there was a rumbling nearby ..... anyone know what these are?
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  2. Well that's definitely more than double the old spawn rates. Its mini bosses, hide or be well equipped with a close bed spawn lol.

    Edit: GAHHHH!!! Penguin I will get you!
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  3. As the others have said, these messages appear when a miniboss spawns. However, you should know that when in the Nether, a third, different message may spawn:
    Netherhound howls for assistance...
    This signifies the arrival of Netherhounds, flaming, vicious wolves of the Nether that like to try to kill you, sometimes summoning more allies as you fight them. They won't attack you on lower difficulties (I believe 1 to 2) but just keep an eye out if you are at difficulty 3 or above, as they can be quite dangerous and annoying on Nether trips. :)
  4. Actually they can attack at 1 or 2. I've had them eat me alive at that level. :(
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  5. Hmm... either that's a bug or they don't qualify as Enraged monsters, though I thought they were basically Enraged Wolves. Enraged aren't supposed to auto-attack until level 3. That's good to know, I guess.
  6. Confirmed they don't follow enraged AI. THEY KILL ME ALL THE TIME. however... I have defeated 5 momwntus and a marlix now and never died... can we please get that enraged howl fixed? Dear lord! Basically, if you get the message hash posted... RUN!!!

    Edit: every time I have died by hound... /diff 1
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  7. they do despawn....js
  8. Hehe I saw him and shot him a couple times, but I was returning from mining so I didn't stick it out. Announced it in town and nobody cared LOL
  9. What bitemenow is "js" -ing is log out if you get that message lol. Probably more effective then running
  10. I care. :p If you don't plan on fighting it, please tell me the coordinates and I will. :)
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  11. ^^^^ if you announce it on smp7... someone will come. I would immediately if I was at my computer

    If you put it as your status on the forums someone will come for sure too hehe
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  12. I won't announce it unless I have to abandon (i.e. leaving for some reason) and know someone will find it before I get back.

    If it's my spawn I want first crack at it. :)
  13. Sorry I missed responses. I went back out and took him down. Was Marlix.
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  14. I can give you guys one bit of advice: trying to take Momentus down while you don't even have iron swords is... not always very pleasant :p