Reasons not to do super turkeys again :/

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  1. almost a year later and still finding big clumps mucking up my spawn rates:
  2. lol
    Lucky Duck (Pun Intended :p)
  3. They must be the spawn of Satan to survive lava :eek:
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  4. Although I doubt Aikar will stop this new tradition of Super Turkey's here's 2 more reasons it shouldn't be a thing:

    1. They were indeed a bundle of joy to capture
    2. Now that we've updated to 1.8 it'd be harder to find them. In 1.7 a player was always able to see the name above their head, when in 1.8 a player must put their cursor over the mob from a certain distance to see the name above the mobs head.
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  5. Voter Bow + arrow should help solve it. :)
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  6. plot twist: he took that screenshot during the thanksgiving week

    and finding them is good
  7. the screenshot has a date tho....
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  8. You planned ahead? :eek: XD
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  9. Chickens are evil. That's basically the main issue at hand here ;)
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  10. Yes, Yes they are ducks are not even a problem :D Quack!!
  11. When do they official get spawned?
  12. In my opinion, I like how they stay after the event. It gives you that extra little "Sweet" when you see a promo event mob that's just waiting for you to kill it and take their stuff. But I mean I bet some of the Dev's could get some sort of /kill related command. I mean even in Singleplayer you can /kill @e[type=Chicken,name=Super Turkey] in a command block and edit the Super Turkey so that it's got the color required to be a replica of the Turkey's name.
  13. Well, #EatMoreChicken
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  14. I actually liked the thanksgiving and christmas events. I feel like they were creative, fun, and got me trying to get out in the wild/nether at every possible second that I could. Although, if there was an event like this again (which I reeeeeeealy hope that there will be), I feel like all of the mobs should despawn like two weeks after the event is over to prevent the case stated in the OP.
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  15. We actually found most of them by hearing them in caves lol. I was never good at locating the super turkey nametags. Blizz ards were a bit easier though.

    Also, I would love for these to come back this year. They were really fun to find and kill even though it took an hour with a god sword and strength potion.
  16. They indeed were tough (and fast) little buggers to find, and harder to chop their super heads off. However, think of it this way. So many people chased them down and hunted them. Remember for those who do not like it, they can choose to not participate in their mass slaughter!

    Bite, if you get me some coords, I would definitely run out there to murder some more turkeys! No, really I would definitely not lure them in with seeds, and lead them around like the pied piper to an area with iron gate cells where I would watch them dance and cluck all day long...really.

    Easy way to get them out of lava, is to build them a small platform with a few 'walls' to trap them in. Keep trying to build the platform with walls around the turkey until they decide to hop on the land! Then you got em!
  17. I would also kill some I have not been able to find ANY Not from lack of trying
  18. I know how to get rid of them, they just keep popping up from caves under that lava. Those are the ones I corralled yesterday
  19. My big problem with Super Turkeys and Blizz Ards was the clicking. That kind of clicking can't possibly be good for your wrist, so as creative and fun the event was, I wouldn't want to see another one with mobs of the exact same nature.
  20. Get an auto clicker and just set it up at maximum speed, then just talk on mumble while the Mob dies.