Real Life Birthdays

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  1. So I just found out that two of my close friends Sachrock and ShrinkingMatt have the same exact birthdays as me! We are all one year off from each other. Matt is '99, Sach is '00, and I'm '01. I was wondering if anyone else has the same birthdays as us. Please don't lie. Be honest, I'd love to know how many of you share birthdays as us.

    Edit: We were all born on May 14th.
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  2. 22/11/00(Day/Month/Year like all the cool kids do) same year as Sach. Also my join date is my birthday, at least on this account.
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  3. "Close friends" I actually feel special :3 WOOO!!
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  4. 9/11/02 (Day/Month/Year like the keliris does)
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  5. 2/10/02 (day/month/year)
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  6. Mine was 03/07/98 (Month/Day/Year)

    A little earlier. Your all still younger, don't I feel special :p

    Edit: You put all your dates in weird lol
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  7. 10/05/2000 (Day/Month/Year).
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  8. You never listed the date D:
    Good job :p
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  9. By 4 days
  10. if your month and day where the other way around you would have the same birthday as me! :p
    7th March
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  11. I had it backwards sorry :p
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  12. 14/12/01 ( day/month/year )

    You may be surprised as people always think im 16-18 :p
  13. May 9th
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  14. I'm really close to you:p

    19/12/01 (day/month/year)
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  15. 26th of March (so 26/03 ;))
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  16. April 16. Less than a month away! :)
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  17. 28th of January, 2003.
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