Re-Appeal to Bonus Chest

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Good idea or Stay same as is?

Love it! 23 vote(s) 60.5%
Needs some minor regulations 6 vote(s) 15.8%
Better off as staying a outlawed item 9 vote(s) 23.7%
  1. So a while back Bonus Chest were outlawed to be sold under any circumstances due to scamming. IE A player would promise that the chest would have something like a Diamond Voucher and when opened up would only yield a TNT block. I can see why that would be such a headache for staff to investigate and just outlaw the item altogether.

    So here is my suggestion/appeal for the Bonus Chest. I say that players should be able to sell item FOR THE NAME of itself without any promises to what is inside. Always assume there is a dirt block inside and you're buying the item for the name to hang up in a Museum or Collection Room. As for selling you must only ever sell it as a Bonus Chest with the pretty colors on the box and nothing more.

    Anyone to be caught selling it with promises of 'something good' inside should be reported as a scam because nobody can be too sure what is really inside and the idea of a promise of whats inside should be whats reportable .

    Any additions/subtractions to this idea are welcome. Post your thoughts below.

    Photo for those who do not know what a Bonus Chest is:
  2. +1,000,000
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  3. I am not against selling bonus chests, but they were banned from sale due to EMC not allowing blind sale of items. It has always been a rule on EMC that the buyer must know what they are buying.

    It would be nice to see an exchange system set up. I don't think it would be terribly difficult for the server to take a current bonus chest, and give back a permanently sealed one. One could potentially sell it at a special area of /shop, or via a /mail to a fictional account name such as *Promo_Exchange, with the star being necessary to prevent someone from claiming that name. The shop/mail would see what item it is, and mail the player back one with no function, just lore. This would work with any item so that it could be future proofed. It could also potentially cost money to do so that people couldn't abuse the system.
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  4. I would like to see them back somehow, I know that some people are interested in buying these simply for the item that they are - people like myself don't want to open all of them anyway :) If there's a way that these can be brought back fairly then +1
  5. If you actually read my post and didn't just read the damn title, you would see that I mention that people would buy it for the NAME and NOT WHATS INSIDE.
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  6. Yes, hence why I suggested that there should be a system set up that takes one promo and spits out a visually identical one that only retains the name, so that people could sell it for the name, and not the contents inside.

    Maybe you should take a bit of your own medicine before prescribing it to me.
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  7. You're so stuck on the idea of not knowing whats inside when my idea is to sell the chest purely for the colored name and nothing more. Please reread my post thoroughly and come back to my thread later.
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  9. +1 I am one of the people who missed the event and would want these as a collection value
  10. Why are you being so aggressive/negative when I am just trying help find a compromising solution? All I did was correct you about why they were banned, and suggest a way that one could sell the promo just for its lore without having to factor in any exceptions to the current rules.
    It is clearly stated above that the reason for banning (or in fact, reminding people that they were never allowed to be sold) them was due to longstanding rules on sales. If you want to be able to sell these for their name, you are going to have to find a way that you can sell them that doesn't break that rule.

    My suggestion completely eliminates the blind aspect of Bonus Chests, thus allowing them to be sold without changing the rules.

    Before attacking someone, look at their intentions. I am trying to work with the staff and with the sellers, instead of working against the staff but with the sellers. In the end, both your idea and mine allow selling for the name, mine just takes a different route. There is no need to get so hostile.
  11. I really am looking for many to display because I have a small shop and I want to make it look fancy and it is illegal to sell them so I am really sad I can't do anything just ask for donations and look if there is a bonus chest
  12. I get why they're banned, and I'm not suggesting they shouldn't remain banned.

    However, for future events using a similar style, is it possible to sell a promo bonus chest with the same lore as normal chests? It can just be a straight chest, but it would satisfy the promo collectors out there while maintaining the integrity of the event chests.
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  13. +1! Nice idea.
  14. Don't really understand what the heck jkjkjk and southpark are arguing about here.. It's a good idea though.
    So southpark, you just want players to be able to sell the Bonus Chests, as long as the seller is only selling for the name, correct? This means it's a standard Bonus Chest, just the advertising is different. It's a very trust-centered idea

    And what I think jkjkjk wants to do, is make a system to exchange player-owned Bonus Chests into "dud", or nonfunctional Bonus Chests. Then, the seller sells for the name only. Just an extra step in southpark's idea, pretty much, which is entirely removing the functionality, and therefore the possibility of a seller advertising a functional Bonus Chest.

    Only issue I see is this: If a buyer wants canon Bonus Chest lore, how does he/she tell the difference between a dud, and an original, if the dud is supposed to be visually identical?
  15. Which is why that step isn't added in the OP as it still creates a potential for scam and falls under the reason of 'whats inside'. I don't believe he ever got off the fact of knowing whats inside because thats not what Im trying to delegate here.
  16. I'm pretty sure he knows the whole "what's inside" idea. His idea just doesn't make an easy method to prevent switching the two. It's more of a "which is which" than a "what's inside". So, I have to think that for now jkjkjk's idea is off the table :(

    I like your idea though. It shows a lot more trust in EMC's seller community, and that's always a nice thing. But I can't help but feel that people will take advantage of this, and newer players in particular.
    EDIT: for context, I don't generally trust.. people. So I'm judging pretty hard, lolz. There's a good chance that just allowing it will work. But there's definitely some exploitative figures out there.
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  17. If we are going by the OP:
    An items lore is not displayed while in an item frame. It would be possible to add an extra line the the bottom of the lore to differentiate the two without affecting the display name. Another way would be to have the server give the player and authenticity paper that says something along the lines of "This [promo] has had all effects removed." in its lore area. The first idea is optimal for item frame users, the second for people who bulk collect (throw the paper alongside the promo in the chest). In fact, both systems could coexist, with separate shops or /mail addresses, or even an admin flag like command UI (pick which variant you want).
    I think they just have a beef with me, not sure though. I felt that my first post was fairly neutral toned with a goal of compromise, not sure why the hostile response was necessary.
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  18. Even so, I think a lot of buyers would go the extra meter and pay a little extra to get an original copy. Some people won't settle for less sometimes. But I do see where you're coming from on that
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  19. We don't need your extra step of having a dud copy. Whats the point then? Making more items than we need? Its useless and extra work. If thats the case, I want a dud copy of every promo I have because you say its better that way. There wasn't supposed to be any coding involved in this idea as I was trying to amend a rule with a particular change so it can be traded once again but no you turned that into some worse and wanted to make it complicated. Its best to keep the idea as simple as possible and not complicate it with dud copies and lore displays and other stupid crap like that. ITs because your still stuck on the fact that you don't know whats inside so you want people to have a neutral copy. The same argument can be made with durability to an item. I don't know how much durability is on the item you're selling me so Im going to assume its a scam and report. Yeah that makes total sense.... Smh...
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