Rare promos and where they've ended up V3

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  1. You probably faster, I'm still travelling for another week... also not sure if jewels collection is viewable

    Also not sure matteus still has a Treasure Slip, saw he sold one several moons ago....
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  2. I have the voucher and the slip.
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  3. Not sure about many without double checking, but I do know for sure that I have an Iron Supporter Gift. Bought from my friend Todd.
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  4. Lol, finally got around to remembering this for updating, so for the Treasure Slip I have updated the wiki to add the Slip image, which is accurately known to be owned by 3 people

    owned by:
    1. ThaKloned
    2. ItsMeMatheus
    3. jewel_king

    The Treasure Voucher is different lore, and more common

    known owners:
    1. ThaKloned
    2. ItsMeMatheus?? (unsure on this)
    3. jewel_king
    4. UltiPig
    5. FadedMartian
    6. Envine
    7. Raaynn
    & unknown others.... Dras? Snappes? alicanto? cyber? luckycordel?

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  5. ultipig this postin inaccurate please change like seen in this vid i actuly own a lot of honey hats not just 1
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  6. i own a sticky hat and koolaid42 gave me their krysyy boots
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  7. Updates have been made to the list. Thank you! :)

    idk... looks fake to me
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  8. that is actuly real i would not share fake info or it was real at that moment
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  9. I can vouch, Daanhu has showed me these chest. They are indeed real.
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  10. mote they where real for a day
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  11. before ban hammered 😂
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  12. no i reporter the bug like within minuteds and than did some testing in a obsidian box with sreen shoting efry thing i took in the box
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