[RANT] Stream Team are you alive?

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  1. So looking at the like to the EMC youtube.

    The last video posted 11 months ago. I'm starting to wonder if any videos will ever be posted by this team. Sure good content takes time but this has been nearly a year now since the last video was posted. For this kind of wait I'm expecting a video to very high standards.

    Last time this was brought up nothing was done about it. Is anything ever going to be delivered from this team? All the other teams are doing their jobs.
  2. The point of being in the stream team atm is so you get a cool title xP
  3. yep looks like it
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  4. I think it may be time for a contest then to have incentive drive
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  5. :confused:
    I agree.
  6. So I'm guessing we won't be seeing any videos anytime soon then.
  7. Stream team/youtube team at the moment is completely just to have the rank.
  8. Then should either A) get rid of the rank or B) make them actually do their job?
  9. Maybe the stream team should be disbanded. I can see real life having some effect, but if a video can't be filmed, produced and uploaded for nearly a year, they probably are not needed.
  10. So far pretty much everyone on the team just made their required video that they need to in order to join, then they completely forget that content creation is a thing that exists and sit on that orange forum title.
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  11. I forgot to post on this.

    I have no idea what they are doing, but I do believe I saw Krysyy taking the blame for the inactivity. If I were to guess, I'd say she is either trying to do a crapton of things at once and manage the YouTube team at the same time OR she is trying to find a new YouTube team leader.

    I agree, it is a bit weird to have the rank and it being almost as empty as the blog when it started up, but I guess we have to wait.
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  12. Any word from staff on this?
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  13. I agree. We need a new YouTube leader. Either that or no YouTube team at all. I search the emc section of YouTube and I see so many different emc let's play videos made by ordinary members. Yet, I'm starting to think that the only reason why the stream team exists is to play fun music on their few tutorials they made. Yes, when I was new to the empire I found those tutorials useful. But as I got used to the playing emc, I started to want more out of our YouTube team. Like, a jeb_sighting video, which can be created by an ordinary member.
  14. In Limbo. Certain involved people have IRL to worry about atm before they can take on any responsibilities.
  15. Lol timing is impeccable. They are done with their things as of a message received not 10 mins ago =)
  16. I was looking into joining the stream team, but the fact that everyone was 'inactive' kinda made me stray from it. But if Krysyy has an idea/looking for s leader, I better get on making my video :D
  17. I have my leader (40 min. ago) Official post later today likely tomorrow (forgot I have v-day things). I'm excited to get the ball rolling after being stagnant for so long, but I also understand when IRL should be the priority in life. We've got the blog and social media active once more. Next step is this team. Then we'll be unstoppable! (Muahahahahaaaaaaa)

    New app will be included with official post.
  18. Why would they be playing limbo instead of making YouTube videos! /s
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  19. Ima make a bet on the youtube lader as either JackBiggin or just_five_fun
  20. I'll have to see to believe it. Congrats on not posting a single video in over a year, Its official.
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