Rant Mondays! [Day 1]

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Should I continue Rant Mondays?

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Maybe 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Yes!! 5 vote(s) 25.0%
No! 6 vote(s) 30.0%
Sounds good :) 4 vote(s) 20.0%

  1. So I decided to start a series of threads called rant mondays. Basically I will pick a topic every monday and rant about it. :eek: This is really a beta stage, because I don't think if this will go far. But hey, who doesn't like rants! In my rants I won't be RUDE or MEAN to people, *ahem*. So here is the first topic!

    First of all, why do some minecraft servers allow grief? Like really, that's like saying, " hey kids come steal and grief my stuff that I built that were great creations and hard to get! ". Servers with grief are usually the servers that get the worse reputation. It is usually the 7 year olds that go on those servers saying, " ZOMG IMMA G0 KILL S0ME N00BS AND GRIEF ON THES PVP SERVERRRR!!!!!!". No. Just no. And I just hate how when people go on other servers that don't allow pvp and grief(such as empire) and they see all over the server there is no griefing and they grief! And then they make an appeal saying to the staff, "I D1DNT NO THAT U COLDNT GRIEEEEF! Please un bann me.". Minecraft is suppose to be about building mining, and having fun. Yes, pvp could be one of them, but not griefing(or even trolling). It annoys the CRAP out of everyone and shouldn't be on any server. People build things for a reason. Its not like they are saying to everyone to grief them. :p

    If Rant Mondays becomes a success I will start to do real life topics and those stuff you can relate to to entertain everyone. :D Please do the poll if you like the idea!
  2. Ok, I like these rant mondays.
    Continue them :D
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  3. Rant Monday.... Work at 5:30am... meh..
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  4. I like rant mondays.
    It makes my Mondays feel less suckyish.
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  5. On-topic, I don't think those servers that allow griefing are like that, in a griefing server you don't build the things you build in town here, you build small houses, to protect, and defend your stuff. I do like the idea of a factions server, but the survival, not fighting aspect in EMC is much different. Because here you build cool, expensive builds, and on the griefing server you get stuff and find other people their stuff. I can imagine people not liking that, but I think I like both.
  6. I'm kind of taking a break right now…:p Sure, I have some rant documents saved somewhere, meaning a comeback is coming, but this is a different style of a rant. I try to make mine the most comical a rant could be.

    I think this is perfectly fine. Please continue. :)
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  7. Please continue on this. It seems... Interesting.
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  8. On the topic of your rant, I would have to disagree.

    For creation of epic superstructures, the Empire model of no-PvP and a world for griefproof residences works.
    For epic wars, battles and competitive domination, hardcore PvP faction raiding is best. Maybe with a high fee for making factions so the server isn't spammed with factions.
    If hardcore PvP isn't your cup of tea, that's fine, you're entitled to your view.
    I personally like both. I am a very controlling person, hence I like the domination aspect offered by hardcore PvP. :cool:
  9. Da da da BUMP! Should I make separate threads for every rant?
  10. Well, yes. One inflated thread is susceptible to a lock over a single argument over a single rant. In the field of finance, it is common sense that the best way to decrease risk is to diversify. Make multiple threads. :)
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  11. Test #1 For Rant Mondays photo. :p
  12. They see me rollin. They be rantin.
  13. Picking new rants for next monday, what should the next topic be?
  14. How awesome potatoes are. ^.^
  15. How about why some people can be so infuriating ^^
  16. The attitudes of society towards people with mental health issues.
  17. Next Topic: How I hate Image Captcha's on websites. ( Teaser: Do I look like a robot? )
  18. How about you rant about why
    Da Sasseh Smoocheh.jpg
    does not like his name of
    Da Sasseh Smoocheh.jpg
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  19. This is officially the base thread on when I tell you there is a new rant.