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  1. 6 RANTS
    So last time, people voted for me to use a random word generator to get the topic. I took a no post break, so here are the 6 rants I felt needed to make up for my absence.

    #1: Signature
    Signatures. We see them almost every time we are on the forums. Want to know why? BECAUSE THEY ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD. See image below THEY'VE ALREADY HIT THIS THREAD!

    The signatures are here. And they won't stop. IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU. They, are here, because YOU, added them to your posts wherever they may be. And we must prepare to fight this monster we created! THIS IS EMC LAND AND WE WILL NOT LET THE SIGNATURES TAKE OVER OUR POSTS!!!

    #2: Boots
    Yes, boots. I think boots are overrated. No, I don't think that…I KNOW THAT. I mean, I see people wearing boots everyday; there's even a monkey who's named Boots! (Warning: Boots is a dangerous criminal. Shoot him on sight) Boots are used as weapons of mass destruction! They are far worse than a shoe or lamp. They can step on people, and stab people, and dissect with. They are far more dangerous than you think. BURN THE BOOTS. BURN THE BOOTS. BURNT HIS BOOTS. BURNT HER BOOTS. BOOTS THE BURN. BOOTS THE BURN. BOOTS THE BURN. BOOTS THE BURN. BOOTS THE BURN.

    #3: Rollarcoasters

    Finally, something I can be mad at. The first time I rode a rollarcoaster, someone shot fire at me. Literally. ROLLARCOASTERS ARE DEADLY. THEY MAY SEEM FUN. But deep down…they are jut a bunch of steel…waiting to strike. Anyways, I rode the rollar coaster and didn't like it. IT WAS TOO FAST. I NEARLY LOST MY HAT. TWICE!!!

    #4: Ink

    Ugh…ink. I can never find a store that sells ink sacs on EMC when I ask. They are always not in stock, or no one replies. WELL MOJANG. I THINK WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO BREED SQUIDS. WITH DRAGON EGGS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. THAT WAY, I'LL BE ABLE TO HAVE MORE BOOK AND QUILLS. Book and quills are cool.:cool:

    #5: Opera
    Ugh…I find the opera rather boring because I have to listen to it A LOT. It's all high pitch stuff, or really low voices. I'd rather listen to electronic, or classic rock. At least it those, there are lyrics I make out. Anyways, IT'S BORING, AND SO HARD TO RANT ABOUT BOREDOM.

    #6: Skylight

    Skylights are cool. Skylights in the dining place is not cool. Especially when birds fly into it. It's not relaxing. I mean, would you want THIS bird crashing into your skylight in the middle of a meal?!

    Didn't think so. That's why SKYLIGHTS ARE BAD near dining areas. Otherwise, they are cool. VERY COOL. So cool, it wouldn't be a rant if I keep complimenting skylights.

    Thanks for reading! Vote for next week's topic! :D

  2. The exclusion teacher in my school loves opera. Although, I don't know if he plays it to torture people in exclusion (i've been in there more than once - the music is annoying, and has very untalented people singing) or because he is so sad he plays it all the time.
  3. Drat. The terror bird photo won't work.
    Hm. Opera is music that some people enjoy, but unfortunately, not as many enjoy it now days. I personally don't like it, but as a musician, I like to see music genres staying alive. :)
    Poor you; how long's exclusion?
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  4. That was awesome.
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  5. With electronic music, can you really hear the lyrics?
  6. CORDIAL I just realized that your little pony walks! AWESOME!!!!!!!
  7. Well not all of them have lyrics of course, but like Face to Face by Daft Punk, or Raise your Weapon by deadmau5, or Promises by Nero you can. ;)
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    Is my favorite quote.
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  9. You don't wear hats on roller coasters. And don't worry about the flames. Some coaster do that.
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  10. I was 7 or 8…
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  12. Lol what do I say to something like this... Only thing I can think of:
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