[RANT] Have you ever been banned?

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  1. As the title says this is a rant about the question in most wild group threads today (I know that not all threads app. have this). So first off you may ask, "Well, it is a honest to god question, right, Brick?" It is a good question to ask but, it so confusing and rude in retrospect. When you ask that, almost every time I think, "Are you asking for temp bans or for permanent?". Almost everyone in EMC will be
    temp-banned or kicked at one point. Whether it be because of chat issues such as spam or advertisement or use of inappropriate language even. Maybe even just to cool off, but, when someone asks you, "Have you ever been banned?", it is too generic a question for some people to answer. I think it is mean to some people too. Like for instance, if potato had supposedly greifed in the wild once, but, then appealed the perma ban and got a second chance, and is still on EMC after a year of that happening, and then he wants to apply to a wild group like, say Stone Hold, and he is automatically denied because he greifed a year ago, but, people trust that he won't do it again. This kind of stuff makes me just want to:

  2. Yes I have!
  3. I have been kicked only once (never banned) for advertising a shop too many times
    lol :confused:
  4. :p
    I just think if it were to say "have you ever been banned for greifing or stealing or any other serious offense?
  5. Even if that wild grief occurred a year ago... it still occurred. You have to be held responsible for your actions, and sometimes that means fessing up to a mistake you made in the past. In my opinion, the foundation of these wild communities is based on trust: without it, you can't have a properly functioning outpost. And in order to gain trust, you sometimes need to know if something like a ban has occurred, how often it occurs, and what you did to cause it. This way people in these wild communities know if you are one to not be trusted. . . they only do it for the sake of their wild outpost. Eh, again, this is just my opinion... don't take it to heart. :p
  6. I disagree that everyone will get banned, i personally have never been banned from anything. if you are following the rules and acting like a mature human being you'll never need to be kicked or banned.
  7. My personal opinion: the only ban a wild community needs to worry about is griefing and/or stealing...

    All the language, chat offenses, and miniscule things aren't really a problem.
  8. I can understand why people ask about this. They are trying to assess the likelihood of the person being a problem.

    The problem I have with this is that the person has already been punished once and allowed back because the Staff thinks that they will be trustworthy. Using their previous history to potentially exclude them from a group is a continuation of their punishment.

    I think spending some time with a person chatting or working on something together will tell you much more about their personality than knowing whether they were once banned or not.
  9. Just so you very well know, if ANY outpost declined a user like POTATO, they will be attacked with the power of SPUDS!
  10. exactly :/
    Yes this is true but, I just wish Applications were updated so to speak ;/
    Key word in that sentence, "almost". I know that this won't happen to everyone but, for the most part, it will happen.
  11. (Un-watches thread)
  12. I wonder if I can do that :confused:
  13. oh you can.
    *butter :p

    and I have been kicked once by a certain person who ruined the economy because I had learned that if you only said a ' ` ', then only your name would appear in the chat, so i did that something like 5 times in a row and got kicked. (I deserved it).

    I was banned on a server once (not EMC, and even though it was a perma - ban, I was pardoned) because somebody changed the sign on my house to their name and said I was loitering and stealing from their house. Finally after a few people vouched for me saying it was my house was the other person banned and I was pardoned.
  14. Jack kicked meh for joking about sand gens :(
  15. I got afk kicked once, that counts, right? :p But I agree with you that it might be a bit unfair. Legit and I are working on an application for the Crossroads Union, and we were originally going to have automatic denial for people how had been banned, but it honestly just seemed unfair. So we are now going to review each application on a case by case basis.
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  16. Ok after asking for the thread to be cleaned up, let's continue on topic shall we?
    I just wanted to get my opinion across and it seems like everyone is talking about their own, which is great. :)
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  17. Uh.. Few days ago I got 10 minute-banned by Aikar for reporting JackBiggin for PM'ing me "NOPE" lol (Reported for caps)

    Yesterday I got kicked by AlexChance for being rude.. I won't go into that lol
  18. I got kicked for spamming /r pay mba2012 1
    I don't think SYSTEM likes how generous I am :p
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  19. And that is what I hate to write in applications :p
    I just think it would be easier just to ask a more specific question :)
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  20. I got permabanned for some argument with a cow about these lava wall things, and I went on to found the second largest wild community in EMC. What on earth are you talking about? :rolleyes: