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  1. guess what guys, i just got admin on another server! its a fun job we get to customize our own personal offices! pls share in the comment if u r an admin, what its like!
  2. I am Retired Admin for Xbox Live, Never again.... Billions of reports every week...
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  3. I was a mod for a TTT server ( a different game on garrys mod). I was a mod for about 2 years it was fun but I just ended up not playing the game anymore.
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  4. I'm an admin on my own server. I like to /kill people for fun.
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  5. I was an admin on a Factions server. It was fun while it lasted, but it just got boring..
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  6. I've never been, nor seeked (with the exception of EMC a long time ago) a staff position on a Minecraft server. I've just been a player and a content one at that :p

    I've been an admin once on a RuneScape private server and a mod twice on different RuneScape private servers. That was pretty fun I suppose. It wasn't anything too huge - a 30ish player private server. But hey, it was something, and it was cool.

    But yeah, never been one on Minecraft nor tried besides EMC.
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  7. I don't need a title to explain to players why it might not be the best of ideas to break the rules :p
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  8. You're implying that it might be a good idea to break the rules :p
  9. I've been admin on a few servers before... one was a SkyBlock like server... that was boring. I literally flew around and got a lot of reports for Scamming.
    Yup. You don't have to be a moderator to enforce the rules of the Empire.
  10. Nope, I've never held a staff position in anything ran by somebody else. I don't like having responsibilities from instances. I want to be able to do what I want with my time. School doesn't always permit me too, so I definitely wouldn't want another thing beside school.
    Well, technically, you do... normal players can point other players in the right direction or report them, but they can't really enforce anything outside of their own residence.
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  11. You can't enforce the rules :p

    You can explain the rules, suggest the rules, point to the rules, but you can't enforce them.